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CBD, which is one of the active substances in hemp, has been known for years. Already the ancients benefited from its beneficial powers and used this substance to treat diseases and wounds. Currently, CBD and its amazing properties are undergoing a true renaissance and can be found as an active substance in many preparations, from cosmetics to medicines. Extract, dried, oil or infusion, methods of taking CBD is many, as well as the positive effects of its use

CBD – calming and anti-anxiety effects

CBD has recently been used in psychology to help treat anxiety disorders and neurosis. Studies show that people who take CBD oil or other doctor-recommended form of this substance, more quickly successfully complete therapy to get rid of anxiety. Feminized hemp extract helps to calm the nerves and quiet intrusive thoughts

CBD and learning and concentration

CBD has also recently been proven to have a positive effect on concentration, aiding brain performance and allowing you to focus better on the task at hand. This will be a great option for students, among others in session, when any form of study support is needed. If you are having trouble gathering your thoughts and focusing on work or studying, visit an online CBD store. Concentration aids can also be used to treat disorders such as ADHD, for example. Of course, only after consulting with your health care provider

CBD in pain therapy

CBD extracts also have a proven analgesic effect. The effects are seen especially in the treatment of chronic pain, which with the use of CBD became weaker and even disappeared in about 80% of people tested. If you are struggling with minor pain, such as a headache or bruise, CBD teas may be the perfect healthy and natural pain reliever for you. For more severe pain, you’ll need to check with your doctor first, who will choose the right concentration and form of CBD intake for you

CBD and upper respiratory diseases

When treating diseases of the upper respiratory tract, vaporizing dried CBD or taking it in the form of oil or liquid can very effectively support therapy. Such action should of course be agreed with your doctor, because CBD can react and strengthen or weaken the effect of other drugs taken, but already in ancient times this substance was used as one of the cough medicines

CBD in veterinary medicine

Almost all of the positive effects of CBD on the body described above, namely calming and anti-anxiety effects, pain therapy and upper respiratory tract treatment, are also used in veterinary medicine and behavior. For dogs and cats with severe anxiety disorders that make it difficult to function, CBD is used to support anxiety therapy. After surgeries, operations, and in animals with diseases associated with chronic pain, such as arthritis, CBD oils are used to provide relief. Also, for inflammation of the respiratory tract, CBD proves to be effective not only in humans but also in animals

As it turns out CBD has an extremely beneficial effect on the body not only human. This substance, although present in hemp, has nothing to do with THC, which is addictive and psychoactive. The use of CBD is not the same as smoking marijuana, it does not lead to addictions, but it increases immunity and supports regenerative processes in the body.

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