Zumba at home? Why not!

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The current restrictions spwood that most of us try to keep fit in the comfort of our home. Do you want to maintain a beautiful figure and improve your well-being at the same time? Take part in free zumba workshops!

The series of classes will be held online every Wednesday at 5 p.m. The first classes will start on November 18th, and the last meeting is scheduled for December 15th. The classes will be conducted by Oktawian Zagórski, President of the “Always in Form” Association, Zumba® Fitness, Fitness and Hip-Hop instructor with many years of experience. He is also the organizer of the largest cyclical Zumba Fitness events in Warsaw. Thanks to the classes, you will be able to strengthen your body, burn excess calories and, above all, have fun to the rhythm of energetic music. Link to the report can be found on the event website. In the meantime, take a look at the training:

Octavian – Zumba® – Siento Bonito – Choreography by Octavian

A few words about zumba

Zumba originates from South America, but it is also very popular in other countries. It is a combination of dance and fitness, which has a great impact not only on the whole body, but also adds energy. People who are just beginning their adventure with exercises should know that it is quite a dynamic training, which is based on various movement configurations performed to the rhythm of music. Regular zumba exercises help to maintain a slim figure, get rid of excess calories and strengthen various body parts. No wonder that it is loved by women in different countries all over the world

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