Contemporary methods for improving the aesthetics of teeth

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Nowadays we can enjoy a considerable development of medicine – including all fields of dentistry. This gives you the opportunity to take care of your teeth at the highest possible level. We suggest how you can improve their aesthetics using modern methods.

Orthodontics, the answer to malocclusion

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with malocclusion. It is currently experiencing its second youth, as more and more people decide to use the services of an orthodontist. Remember that malocclusion treatment brings not only aesthetic benefits, but also health benefits – it allows avoiding problems such as worn down teeth, temporomandibular joint disorders, chronic migraines and other irregularities. The basic tool of orthodontist’s work are braces, which can be divided into removable and fixed ones

Removablebraces, or removable braces, give the patient the option of inserting and removing them on their own. They are usually applied to children and adolescents during the growth period. Most often in such cases, the orthodontist recommends regular nighttime braces

Fixed braces, as the name suggests, are attached to the teeth for the entire period of treatment. Such treatment is long-lasting and for satisfactory results the braces should stay on the teeth even for 3 years. We usually associate braces with children, but it is worth remembering that there is no upper age limit for orthodontic treatment. If you want to find out exactly what the treatment looks like and you are interested in undertaking it, be sure to visit and put yourself in the hands of top specialists.

Teeth whitening

A beautiful Hollywood smile is something that many of us dream about. However, a lot of everyday habits such as smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and red wine and eating products such as tomatoes, beets, soy sauce, curry sauce and intensely coloured fruit, for example pomegranate or blackberries, cause stains to form on teeth. They then become unsightly yellow. Therefore, a dental procedure whose benefits are mainly aesthetic is teeth whitening. Usually patients opt for whitening with the use of light. This is an extremely effective method, and the procedure itself is relatively simple. It consists in applying a special gel to the teeth, which is then irradiated with a gas pedal light. After an hour patients can go home enjoying the immediately visible results, which last about 2 years. So if you want to have a beautiful smile and gain more self-confidence, you should definitely decide for teeth whitening in Krakow


The answer to missing teeth is a branch of dentistry called prosthetics. It offers such solutions as veneers on teeth or crowns, which will help to address the problem of missing or severely damaged teeth. Remember, such cavities can cause many health complications in addition to looking unsightly. Additionally, with missing molars, or side/rear teeth, the face loses its natural features and youthful appearance. Prosthetics is an extremely comfortable solution that will help you avoid this problem and perfectly imitates natural teeth, making the effect extremely aesthetic.

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