Best ways to beat the winter blues

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Winter blues can get to anyone. At this time of year the days become much shorter. We also spend less time outdoors, which can lead to vitamin D3 deficiency. It is very necessary not only for our immunity, but also has an impact on positive mood. However, there are ways to overcome the decline in form during the winter.

Gathering with friends

Being with people we love and enjoy is good for our mood. Frequent hugs and even close proximity to people we care about increases serotonin, the happy hormone. It also makes us feel relaxed and allows us to talk about things that are important to us. Just talking with a warm tea will bring us relief and allow us to gain some distance. Also spending time together, e.g. playing board games, improves the mood and distracts from the dull aura outside the window.

A good movie and time with a loved one

Movie evening is also a perfect solution. Breaking away from reality and watching an interesting movie will cheer us up and improve our mood. Just prepare snacks, a warm blanket and drinks and immerse yourself in the story of the characters. You can choose movies that will affect us positively and calm us down. Let’s not be ashamed to turn on a cult fairy tale or comedy. After all, the movie is supposed to give us a lot of pleasure from watching. On the winter chill perfectly affects also a romantic evening with a loved one. It is enough to lie in bed together, talking, listening to music and cuddling to make all the stress go away. It is also a very good way to build relationships and a pleasant way to spend time together.

More exercise

A walk in your favorite park or forest is also a great distraction. Even though the weather doesn’t encourage us to go outside, it’s worth forcing yourself to get a breath of fresh air. You can also start nordic walking or trekking. Thanks to this, we will significantly improve our condition, as well as spend an interesting time. Winter may also be a good time to start decorating your home or do a little remodeling. You can get rid of some unnecessary things, arrange a small reading corner or buy equipment you’ve been dreaming about for a long time

Photo: Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

New hobby

Long winter evenings are also a great time to start a new hobby. Maybe we get interested in learning languages or crocheting? Thanks to new passions we develop ourselves and spend time in an interesting way. In order not to spend the entire winter in front of a TV screen or computer watching TV series, we can buy ourselves a course in programming or graphics. Surely, new skills will be useful in the future, and we will spend our time productively and interestingly. Let’s not give up reading books either. During summer we go on vacations or go to barbecues and bonfires organised by our friends. We don’t always have time to read a book then. Winter can be a good time to lose yourself in reading. Not only will we expand our vocabulary, but we will also spend time in a relaxing way.

Baking sweets

Homemade baking is a great way to cure the winter blues. Baking sweets is a lot of fun, especially for people who love to spend long hours in the kitchen. Cakes, pies or cookies; let’s prepare something we like the most. You can involve your family or friends to bake together, which will bring you even more joy and good mood. Good fun is guaranteed!

Home spa

Our skin requires more care in winter, due to the lack of sunlight, but also the central heating. It can become dry and rough. Our hair also does not like the dry, warm air provided by radiators. So winter evenings can be spent on skin and hair care, which is great for relaxing us. Applying face and hair masks and body scrubs will give us a lot of joy and we will be sure that we have taken good care of ourselves

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

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