How to improve your metabolism? Best ways

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Metabolism can unfortunately change significantly over the years of our lives. Hormones are to blame, as well as thyroid problems and unhealthy lifestyles. How to improve your metabolism? Here are our proven tips.

Improve metabolism naturally

The fastest way to improve metabolism is to drink more water. Thanks to it the body is properly hydrated, but also the intestinal peristalsis is changed. It is much easier to have a bowel movement and does not lead to troublesome constipation and bloating. The amount of water you drink should be calculated in relation to your body weight and daily training

For example, a man weighing 120 kg and training 3-4 times a week should drink up to 2 liters of water per day. On training days the amount of water needs to increase to 3 liters. If you have a sedentary job for 8 hours, you should drink about 1.5-2 liters of water

If you have a problem with this, prepare a graduated bottle. Divide it into 4 parts and write the times on it, such as 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. By the given hour, you should drink the appropriate amount of water. This way can help you to keep this resolution.

Also, a natural way to improve your metabolism is regular exercise. It should be introduced as varied workouts of different intensities. If you are just starting out, it would be a good idea to start with walking, brisk walking or Nordic walking. Then incorporate interval training and swimming whenever possible. Interval training in particular is ideal for improving metabolism, as it consists of exercises with high and low intensity. This will also help you burn unwanted body fat much faster.

A very good way is to speed up your metabolism by eating regularly, although some trainers deny this information. What matters is not the number of meals you eat, but above all their regularity. If you do not provide your body with an adequate dose of energy or your meals are very far apart in terms of time, then your metabolism slows down.

The human body develops the phenomenon of “metabolic memory”. The body gets used to regularly producing digestive enzymes at meal times. By eating at regular intervals, you make your metabolism speed up considerably and food is digested faster.

Also, do not forget about fiber, which gives you a feeling of satiety and also significantly improves metabolism. You can find it in, among others:

  • flaxseed,
  • dark wholemeal bread,
  • vegetables and fruits,
  • vegetable juices and pureed juices,
  • groats.
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Natural supplements for metabolism

If you’re in menopause or otherwise experiencing problems with your metabolism, certified metabolism-boosting supplements are a good option. The following products work well:

  • artichoke extract – positively influences the work of the liver and bile ducts, supports weight reduction and regulates blood sugar levels, which reduces the feeling of hunger;
  • cayenne pepper – stimulates fat burning, regulates the production of protective juices in the stomach, reduces the feeling of bloating
  • green tea – regulates metabolism, helps burn fat, reduces bloating and indigestion
  • l-Carnitine – helps to better utilize energy from food, participates in carbohydrate metabolism, accelerates regeneration;
  • bitter orange – thanks to synephrine, which is similar to ephedrine in its structure, it has a thermogenic effect, accelerating the burning of fat.

No dietary supplement will work properly if you don’t additionally follow a healthy diet and exercise. If you’re struggling to lose excess weight, supplements can help in this fight. Thermogenics, or fat burning agents, are best taken before workouts with plenty of water, preferably two glasses. Supplements with artichoke and green tea should be taken 30 minutes before a planned meal. They can help regulate appetite.

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