“Golden Mask”- a feast for body and soul

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On autumn days it is necessary to reach for exclusive cosmetic treatments with gold, which not only soothe your senses, but also have a great impact on the condition of your skin.

The popular 24k Gold Mask treatment has an excellent regenerating effect. It helps to restore the radiance and vitality of the skin and provides true relaxation. Thanks to the use of 24-carat gold it has strong antioxidant properties. In addition, it has a brightening and anti-wrinkle effect, improves skin tone and makes it more elastic. Regular performance of this treatment not only perfectly improves our mood, but also makes us enjoy beautiful and young look for longer.

Yasumi Poland – Golden Mask | | YASUMI 24k Gold Mask

Enjoy a radiant appearance all year round!

This treatment should go to anyone who wants a beautiful radiant look also in the autumn, cold days. This is an excellent option for women who want to restore vitality to their skin or just relax after a hard day. Treatment with 24-carat gold flakes removes signs of fatigue from the face and is perfectly absorbed by the body. Before the treatment, however, it is worth talking carefully with a cosmetologist, who will determine whether there are any contraindications to it.

Cosmetics with the addition of gold

Also on store shelves you can find more and more cosmetics with the addition of gold colloidal. These include masks, creams and very popular gel eye patches that improve the appearance of the eye area at affordable prices. And what are your favorite gold-infused beauty rituals?

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