Which sunscreen to choose?

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Sunscreen is an essential part of your summer beauty bag. Be sure to check which sunscreen is perfect for you.

Face cream with sunscreen – what factor to choose?

On the packaging of creams and other products with sunscreen there is information about the PPD factor – Persistent Pigment Darkening. It indicates the degree of protection against UVA radiation. Even the same PPD does not necessarily mean that the products protect us identically against the sun’s radiation. However, it is quite reliable information, so it is worth paying attention to.

On the other hand, the protection against UVB radiation is the SPF factor – Sun Protection Factor. The higher it is, the higher the protection. The risk of getting a sunburn from prolonged exposure to the sun is also reduced. So if a sunscreen has an SPF of 15, that means you can extend your time in the sun 15 times.

The best way for full sun protection will be a product that has both a high SPF and PPD. It’s important to remember that not every sunscreen oil or lotion that has SPF 50, for example, also has a high PPD.

What factor to choose?

Choose your sunscreen according to your skin type

Skin phototypes can be divided into:

  • phototype 1 – fair skin, blue or light eyes; blonde, red hair; freckles are visible on the face – such skin is sensitive to UV radiation and practically never tans, SPF 50 is recommended;
  • phototype 2 – light skin color tending towards olive or pink; hair brown, dark blond, red; eyes green or hazel; freckles sometimes appear. This skin type tends to be harder to tan and may sunburn – factor 40 to 50 SPF;
  • phototype 3 – creamy skin color; hair dark blond or brown; eyes gray, brown, or hazel; freckles are rare, skin tans a little longer than normal – fresh tan is red, to later change to light brown; recommended factor 30 to 40 SPF
  • phototype 4 – light brown skin, sometimes olive shade; dark, brown hair; hazel eyes; no visible freckles or large number of moles; skin always tans nicely, without irritation or redness; recommended faktor 25-30 SPF
  • phototype 5 – brown skin and dark hair, black or dark brown; hazel eyes; skin rarely sunburns and tans quickly; recommended factor 15-25 SPF;
  • phototype 6 – dark brown or black skin; black hair and dark brown eyes; no visible freckles; skin of this type does not get sunburned and does not tan, to inhibit the aging process of the skin you can use factor 9 10 SPF.
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How do I choose a sunscreen for my face?

Sunscreen cream may differ in consistency from lotions and is a bit heavier than oil. Before buying it, it is worth checking the composition, as well as the SPF factor. If you want to better protect your face from the sun and often complain about the appearance of small moles or hyperpigmentation, it is worth choosing a facial sunscreen cream, which will have a slightly higher factor. For people with very sensitive skin and many freckles is recommended sunscreen 50 face, which protects to a significant extent. For vascular skin and skin prone to redness creams with a higher factor than 30 SPF are recommended.

In addition, such a cream should be enriched with:

  • vitamin E – during the sunbathing in the skin under the influence of UV radiation free radicals are formed that contribute to faster aging of the skin. This vitamin has an antioxidant effect, which is very important when sunbathing;
  • hyaluronic acid which retains moisture in the skin;
  • soothing panthenol;
  • plant extracts, including aloe vera which fights inflammation in the skin (it is also recommended for possible sunburns).

If you have skin problems, we advise you to choose a sunscreen that is mild and composed with mineral filters. Chemical ones can irritate delicate skin. Some oils, including argan oil, also act as a sunscreen. With severely dry skin, you can also use them to protect yourself from the sun. It won’t be as effective as using professional cosmetics, but it’s a good option for short periods of time in the sun.


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