Bridal manicure – the most fashionable inspirations

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A wedding manicure should be done extremely carefully. During the wedding ceremony, many people will certainly pay attention to the bride’s hands. The groom himself will look at them quite carefully when putting the ring. So it is not worth saving on this styling. If you are preparing for the wedding, be sure to check out what wedding manicure to bet on

Modern marbled

Marbled nails are a very interesting style. The marble look on the nails is very interesting. This effect can be emphasized with golden accents. Marble looks like a natural stone. This manicure looks great and goes well with many bridal gowns.

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Gold wedding nails – the hit of 2021

Art Deco style reigns this year. It is characterized by gilding and combination of monochromatic colors with copper color. A similar style can be seen even on wedding nails. A real hit among wedding manicures is a decoration with golden accents. Both shimmering gold dust and delicate, geometric stripes marking the shape of the nail, are extremely elegant and wonderfully complement the wedding style.

Gold also appears as a stronger accent – the nail on the ring finger can be painted in this color. This will emphasize the wedding character of the style – after all, the wedding ring will be placed on this finger.

There are many ideas for wedding nails with gold in the leading role. One of them is classic French, which will separate the ring from the rest of the nail plate with a subtle golden stripe, made for example with golden nail polish. More courageous brides can opt for a very girly style, in which the main role will play the charming, golden dots added to the uniform color of polish. They go great with both white and light pink color.

Gold accents on bridal nails wonderfully complement the elegant and chic style of the bride.

Uniform bridal manicure

More and more women are opting for no decorations on the nails during this most important day in life. Wedding manicure, which is done with one color, does not have to be boring at all. If the wedding dress has a strong color accent such as a colorful sash at the waist or decoration at the neckline, you can emphasize them with a wedding manicure. Let’s choose the shade of nail polish to the characteristic decoration or the element appearing in wedding bouquet. Then the whole styling will become consistent, and the manicure will be less obvious and boring.

Wedding nails done in very classic style may have shade of red, fuchsia, light blue, white, nude, emerald or bottle green. Brave brides sometimes decide on black wedding manicure. This is an interesting idea, if the dress will also have darker color accents

French wedding nails – ‘safe’ classics

If you can’t decide on a particular type of nail art, french nail art will be a very good option. It consists in highlighting the bright elements of the nail – the rim and the cloud. Wedding nails done in french technique can have modern elements. Very fashionable is neon or “inverted” French, in which both the outer part of the plate, as well as the cloud itself, are painted in a slightly darker shade, and the rest of the nail is visibly lighter.

Bridal french nails look great with ornaments, such as small zircons, highlighting for example the cloud or horizontal stripes in contrast color. French on bridal nails is a commonly used style, because it wonderfully emphasizes the beauty of women’s hands. If you choose a rather modest bridal hairstyle, French nails will be the perfect complement to it.

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