What is hair chelation?

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Chelation treatment means thorough cleansing of hair from impurities, lingering minerals and styling product residues. The treatment makes the strands easy to comb and gives them a shiny appearance. How to perform a hair chelation treatment at home? Read more!

Chelation treatment is a hair cleansing procedure conducted using a special shampoo. It is particularly recommended for women who wash their heads with hard water and have highly porous, dry and dull hair. The effect is already visible after the first treatment, although it should be carried out regularly. Chelation therapy improves not only the condition of the hair but also the condition of the scalp.

How does chelation therapy work?

The cause of many hair and scalp problems is hard water, which causes minerals to settle in our hair and damage the protective barrier of the skin.

Hair chelation is a thorough cleansing of the hair from sediment, minerals precipitated from hard water and cosmetic residues. The procedure should be done once or twice a week. If you frequently use styling and conditioning products or wash your hair with hard water, it is a good idea to undergo the treatment at least once a week.

Chelation treatment is especially recommended for owners of dry, rough, dull hair with severely frizzed cuticles.

Chelation hair treatment – effects

What can you expect from hair chelation? When done systematically, the treatment cleanses the scalp deeply. Chelation treatment makes the hair soft, elastic and shiny. In addition, hair becomes less tangled, easier to comb and more manageable. Chelation treatment protects the hair structure from splitting, increases the volume of the hair and lifts it at the roots. Cleansed of deposits, hair also better absorbs nutrients and moisturizers.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, chelation therapy is excellent for scalp care. The procedure helps restore the proper pH level, reducing the feeling of tightness, irritation and itching.

Chelation of hair – home methods

For chelating hair at home, a chelating shampoo is best suited. Its composition should include one of the most commonly used chelating substances – EDTA tetrasodium or EDTA disodium. Both bind ions from hard water, which are removed when rinsing the shampoo.

EDTA acid salts can be found not only in shampoos available in stores and pharmacies, but also in products designed for swimmers and pool users. These products are slightly more expensive, but also more effective in their action.

An alternative to substances of synthetic origin, such as EDTA derivatives, are natural chelates. In their production, plant materials are used, which, in addition to their ability to bind metal ions, have a beneficial effect on the scalp and hair.

Phytic acid and its salts are among the most effective natural chelates. Phytic acid is in no way inferior to EDTA in its ability to form compounds with minerals, and at the same time has a number of “side” properties: narrows pores, moisturizes and brightens the skin, normalizes the sebaceous glands and improves skin tone.

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