Mineral foundation – which one to choose?

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Mineral foundation not only evens out the skin tone and covers up imperfections. It is a cosmetic that combines the action of a traditional foundation and the precious properties of natural ingredients. Mineral foundation is especially recommended for people who struggle with skin problems. What are the mineral foundations available on the market and which product is worth choosing for your skin?

Why should you opt for a mineral foundation?

It is no coincidence that mineral foundation is recommended for people who have undergone invasive aesthetic medicine procedures. The product is directed at all skin types, even for sensitive, allergic and acne-prone complexions. Mineral cosmetics contain natural minerals with a nurturing effect, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Zinc oxide has antibacterial properties and regulates sebum secretion, while titanium dioxide provides a barrier against UV radiation. Mineral foundations are free of preservatives (including parabens), silicones, fragrances and artificial dyes, i.e. ingredients that negatively affect the skin. 

Types of mineral foundations – which one to choose?

Each skin type is associated with specific needs, so there are three mineral foundation formulas on the market:

– brightening foundation – a product designed for skin that lacks radiance, is gray, tired and has fine wrinkles. The lightweight formula easily melts with the skin and gives a natural finish. The foundation evens out skin tone, optically smooths pores and fine wrinkles and gives the skin a radiant look. The product is enriched with UV protection.

– mattifying primer – is aimed at people with oily skin and prone to imperfections. The product covers up blemishes and improves the condition of the skin, thanks to its antibacterial and sebum-regulating properties. Importantly, the product does not clog pores, is lightweight and has a regenerative effect on the skin. It leaves the face with a matte finish, even in the problematic T-sphere.

– opaque foundation – despite its lightweight, non-comedogenic formula, the product covers up imperfections such as blemishes, pimples or broken capillaries. With an opaque foundation you do not have to worry about the mask effect, the finish is satin, and the skin looks fresh.

It is important to remember the right color choice. Although primers give a natural effect, in order for the product to look good on the face, it must blend with the skin color. It is easiest to choose the color of the foundation in natural light. Mineral foundations also come in different variants: in loose, cream or liquid form.

How to apply mineral foundation

There are two forms of applying the loose product: dry and wet. To apply, you need a brush with compact, synthetic bristles. Dip the brush into the product, which is on the lid of the package in a small amount. Using the stamping method, cover your face with the foundation, then spread the product in circular motions. Wet application provides more coverage and prolongs wear. Simply spray the brush with water or hydrolate before applying the product. It’s a good idea to reach for a moisturizer before application to prolong the life of the makeup and emphasize the natural effect.

main photo: unsplash.com/Hitesh Dewasi

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