The most beautiful celebrity engagement rings. They’re worth a fortune!

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Everyone knows that celebrities don’t like to save money, even more so when they want to impress their other half. No wonder, then, that famous men spend fabulous sums on engagement rings for their sweethearts. After all, the symbol of their eternal love must go hand in hand with their wealth. In this article, we have presented the most expensive celebrity engagement rings.

Elizabeth Taylor, $ 8.8 million

Not surprisingly, the owner of the most expensive ring in history is Elizabeth Taylor. The ring was given to the actress by her husband, Richard Burton. The work of art with a 33-carat diamond the actress wore almost continuously until the end of her life. At auction in 2011, the ring was sold for $ 8.8 million.

Mariah Carey, $6-8 million

Mariah Carey’s wedding ring from billionaire James Packer is a 35-carat diamond and platinum ring. That’s 2 carats more than Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond, but Mariah’s stone isn’t as high quality, so its value is estimated at $6-8 million

Beyoncé, $5 million

the 18-carat diamond jewelry of Queen R`n`B Beyoncé is also considered one of the most expensive in the world. The ring was given to her by producer Jay-Z, who more than once topped the lists of the richest people in the music industry. The cost of Beyoncé’s ring is estimated at $5 million.

Paris Hilton, $4 million

the 24-carat diamond engagement ring that he gave her in 2005 Paris Latsis , was bought for $4 million. A few months after the sudden separation, the star sold the ring for $2 million to help victims of Hurricane Katrina

Kim Kardashian, $4 million

The 15-carat ring was commissioned by Kanye West from jewelers Lorraine Schwartz. Due to the special cut of the stone, this piece is very valuable and estimated at $4 million. However, Kim Kardashian’s ring was stolen in 2016 along with the star’s other jewelry. However, Kim already has a new ring, which is probably twice as expensive as the previous one.

Blake Lively, $2.5 million

When Ryan Reynolds gave Blake Lively an engagement ring, the media immediately started comparing it to the ring of the actor’s previous wife, Scarlett Johansson. However, the jewelry for Blake cost 20 times more.

Ryan ordered it from the famous Hollywood jeweler Lorren Schwartz and participated in the design himself. It is a 10-carat oval diamond, encased in three rows of white and rose gold, cost about $2.5 million – it has adorned Blake’s finger for 8 years.

Melania Trump, over $1.5 million

In 2005, now former U.S. President Donald Trump presented his wife Melania with a Graff ring with a 10-carat diamond and announced that he bought it for $1.5 million. Several years later, representatives of the brand said that in reality the decoration was much more expensive, Trump did not give the full cost out of concern for the safety of his wife.

After ten years of marriage, the former president made Melania an even more generous gift – a ring with a 25-carat diamond, the price of which the president also did not announce

Kate Middleton

Before it ended up in Kate Middleton’s hands, the ring with a large sapphire belonged to William’s mother, Diana. It is associated with a very touching story: after the death of the princess, the sons could take one of her things for themselves. William chose the watch, and Harry chose the ring.

When William was about to get married, Harry decided he needed the jewelry more and gave it to his brother, who gave it to his beloved Kate. If not for this noble act, the ring might have gone to Meghan Markle. The value of the ring is not entirely known at this time, but due to its history, it is likely prohibitive.

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