Bikini hair removal – the best ways

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A smooth body is pleasant to touch and looks aesthetically pleasing. However, each of us has areas that require special attention when it comes to choosing a hair removal method

The bikini area is one of them. Its correct and painless epilation can be problematic. But if you want to take care of this area, check out the best ways to epilate the bikini area.

Waxing at home

Most people prefer to epilate at home. You can use different methods that sometimes overlap with salon treatments. For example, bikini wax epilation can be done both at home and at a beauty salon. But does at-home give the same results?

Actually, the results can be very similar. However, learning the right waxing technique is the key to success. If you have the patience and aren’t afraid of the pain that can come at first if you peel the wax off wrong, then give it a try

There are ready-made wax strips which you just have to separate and apply to the area to be epilated and then quickly peel off, but there are also machines for melting balls of wax which you then apply yourself on a strip of cloth and apply to the desired area. Such bikini epilation creates the effect of smooth skin for several weeks

Traditional razors – cheap and fast

Most people use disposable razors. But you might be afraid that you’ll cut into that delicate area with them. And then what? A razor requires practice, but it’s perfectly possible to shave your bikini area too.

Hair removal at home isn’t difficult if you know a few tricks. First, you need to prepare your skin and hair for shaving. A warm shower or a hot bath is a must. The next step is shaving foam or oil, and some people recommend hair conditioner too! Apply it to the shaving area

Then, in a consistent motion, start shaving your hair. You can’t hesitate, because then you’ll cut yourself. The movement must be smooth and firm. You can also tighten the skin by gently holding it with your other hand. Then it will be easier to maneuver the razor. The downside of this method is that you have to repeat shaving every few days. On the plus side, it is painless and inexpensive.

What is the difference between hair removal in a salon?

You can go to a beauty salon for waxing, which will leave your body smooth for several weeks. However, most people opt for laser hair removal. As much as possible, laser bikini hair removal is doable. However, you have to remember that it takes several treatments to remove the hair and thus ensure smooth skin for a very long time.

Preparation for the procedure is also important here. The person who will be performing it will tell you what to do the day before the treatment to get the best result. Admittedly, it is not the cheapest hair removal method available, but it gives the most lasting results. So if you are looking for a solution that will last for years, consider laser hair removal.

Nowadays, you can also buy devices for home light epilation, but they are not as powerful as the lasers available in beauty salons, which you also need to keep in mind.

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