Website positioning on WordPress – what do you need to know?

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In the age of the Internet, hundreds, if not thousands of new websites are created every day – but not all of them will be found in a Google search. The reason is mundane, explains senior SEO specialist Philadelphia SEO agency – when looking for content on the web, we usually limit ourselves to the first two pages of search results. Therefore, if we want our website or online store to be at the top of the results, we have to take appropriate actions, commonly known as SEO. The “good” SEO agencies available in the market such as SEO agency Houston, SEO Ireland agency, or Philadelphia SEO agency mentioned above can help us in this. 

SEO means. what?

The answer to this question came from web developer SEO Ireland agency – the mysterious acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words – these are various activities aimed at strengthening the position of our website in Google search results – notes SEO Ireland specialist. Among the activities related to positioning one can point to, among others, proper construction of texts so that they are found by Google, as well as activities aimed at optimizing the page code and the so-called off-page activities, i.e. outside the area of our website, such as building links.

Bearing in mind the wide range of issues related to SEO, it is worth considering whether the positioning of a website should be handled by one person, who is its creator, or whether it is better to bet on cooperation with professionals. Fortunately, when it comes to SEO, Philadelphia and its Philadelphia SEO agency, or Houston with its SEO agency Houston and other cities abound in marketing agencies and SEO agencies that are able to handle SEO comprehensively, using years of experience and knowledge of ever-changing SEO principles or practices.

What should you keep in mind when SEOing a website on WordPress?

When thinking about WordPress SEO, SEO Ireland copywriters emphasize that it’s a good idea to make sure that the content we create is structured properly. Especially important here are H1 and H2 headings, which divide the content into smaller parts – more readable for both the user and the search engine. It is equally important to use keywords and key phrases for which we want to be positioned in a search engine, but be careful not to over-dense the content, as this will affect the quality of our publications.

Other actions that we should take on our own or with the help of SEO agency Houston are social media marketing, through which we can reach a wide audience that may be interested in our products or services, and link building. This process involves acquiring links on reputable websites that lead directly to our site, not only for advertising purposes, but also to strengthen the position of our site in the search engine.

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  • Dean Burnett 30.08.2022

    When it comes to SEO, in my opinion, these activities should be combined with UX, which is extremely important nowadays. SXO gives this possibility. At the very beginning of such activities, an SXO audit should be carried out, the purpose of which is to thoroughly analyze the website. Thanks to the audit, you will be able to detect all errors on the website and plan further actions.This way you will improve your positioning strategy and thus take a higher position in the search results. The SXO audit is the first step that should be done before starting positioning.

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