Lemon diet – what does it consist of?

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The lemon diet is becoming increasingly popular. See if it actually works and allows you to get rid of excess body fat.

What is the lemon diet all about?

It is a way to detox the body and improve the work of the body’s immune system. Lemon diet consists mainly in drinking water with juice freshly squeezed from a lemon. It is best to drink such a concoction on an empty stomach and, according to the recommendations of nutritionists, it is worth to continue drinking it for 5 days. Of course drinking water with lemon will not help much if you do not take care of proper nutrition and exercise. The menu should be filled with vegetables and fruits, as well as lean meat. What also counts is the regularity of meals and a varied menu, thanks to which you will provide your body with all the necessary nutrients

According to the rules of lemon diet we should drink one glass of diluted lemon juice on the first day of the treatment. In the following days we add one more lemon. This way we will get the body used to this amount of vitamin C

What advantages does the lemon diet have?

  • It speeds up metabolism,
  • helps get rid of toxins,
  • gets us used to hydrating our body,
  • increases resistance to viruses and bacteria,
  • teaches us to eat a healthy diet and to eat regularly

Lemon diet – how much weight can be lost?

It is important to remember that just drinking water with lemon will not suddenly make your body circumference decrease. In addition to hydrating your body and consuming lemon water, you also need to take care of your exercise and stick to a healthy diet. If you take care of a healthy diet and additionally move regularly, the lemon diet will allow you to lose up to 6 kg in a month. A lot depends on what you eat and how overweight you are

What to do in addition to following the lemon diet?

As we wrote earlier, just drinking lemon juice with water will not magically make you lose weight

Be sure to implement the following rules to make it happen:

  • consume the right amount of calories – to lose weight, it is essential to stick to a caloric deficit, subtract 200-300 kcal from your daily caloric needs. If your BMR is, for example, 2500 kcal, then a reduction diet will include meals at a level of 2200 kcal. Much depends on our weight, age and physical activity. To accurately calculate our caloric needs, it is worth consulting a dietician;
  • drink plenty of mineral water – thanks to water our body can absorb minerals and carry out important metabolic processes; about 2.5-3 l a day should be consumed
  • take care of your daily dose of exercise – you do not have to buy a gym membership, an hour walk or exercises performed at home will suffice. Thanks to them you will burn redundant fat tissue and you will feel much lighter;
  • choose the right supplements – supplementation on reduction is very important, above all you need minerals and vitamins, because the reduction diet may lead to too low levels of magnesium or potassium; in addition to these vitamins, you will also need low-fat protein, which contributes to muscle development; omega-3 fatty acids and NAC, or n-acetyl, which is responsible for detoxification of the body and fighting free radicals, are also ideal for reduction

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