Want to start practicing yoga? Check out how celebrities do it

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Yoga is not only a great way to keep fit, but above all, it is the key to rest, relaxation and peace of mind. No wonder that many people cannot imagine a day without its daily practice. Yoga lovers can also be found among Polish celebrities. It allows them to maintain beautiful appearance and excellent mood. See what celebrities encourage to practice!

Polish dancer and fashion designer Ewa Szabatin, among others, encourages to practice yoga regularly. In her latest post on Instagram she shows a fragment of her workout. The star emphasizes that yoga not only has a great effect on her body, but also points to its health aspect – thanks to it she got rid of back pain and migraine.

The best way to stretch your body is to practice yoga! So I urge you to learn this technique and take care of your body! After all, it will serve you for many years to come! – writes the star

Yoga has also been practiced for a long time by Julia Wieniawa, who has repeatedly asserted that it allows her to not only maintain a beautiful and slim figure, but also allows her to calm down and relax. In one of her recent photos on Instagram, we see the actress practicing yoga surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes. Virabhadrasana B is one of the concepts in yoga, which, among other things, increases stamina and strength, and also has a positive effect on metabolism

Julia Grant-Scott is also a big fan of yoga, and together with her husband, a yoga master, she likes to share her workouts on social media.

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