Exercises for glutes – which ones are worth doing?

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Shapely buttocks are a dream of many people. Wondering what exercises to do to sculpt this part of the body? Besides standard squats there are many more possibilities. Check what kind of physical activity will help you achieve your goal.

Stationary cycling

Stationary cycling is designed to stimulate the calf muscles, gluteus maximus and hip flexors. Indoor cycling, also known as spinning, on the other hand, is a special type of activity that involves performing aerobics on a stationary bicycle. It is a form of cardio training that allows you to burn up to 1000 calories during one hour of exercise.

Training is supervised by a specialized trainer. It is important that the bicycle is properly adjusted to the body build of the person performing the training. Only then spinning will be the most effective and will allow to reduce the girth of thighs and hips.

It is recommended that the seat should remain at hip height when the exercising person is standing next to it. The knee should not be fully straightened during the ride, but slightly bent, so as not to cause excessive strain. In this type of training, it is also important to use special sports shoes with a thick sole, so that the foot will be stiffened and the risk of injury will be reduced


Contrary to popular belief, during Pilates classes we do not exercise only the abdominal muscles. Hips and buttocks are also active. The most popular exercise for the gluteal muscles is a small bridge. During the exercise the buttocks are tightened, and also the lumbar section of the spine is strengthened. It is important that this exercise is performed in the correct way, otherwise you will not feel any tension in your gluteal muscles or in the muscles of your lower back.

There are many different types of bridges, such as the standing bridge or the gym ball bridge. Any of these types of exercises is worth a try

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Yoga classes make your body more flexible. This will help you gain a greater range of motion, which will help you improve your exercise technique. This is because you will not have any problems with deepening the squat, which is important for developing the muscles of the buttocks.

When training your legs and gluteal muscles, it’s a good idea to use the chair position. Perform as many repetitions as possible first on one leg and then on the other. The exercise can also be performed in such a way that the ankle of one leg remains bent on the knee of the other. Remember also to breathe deeply and regularly, which is extremely important in yoga training


TRX is a workout performed on sturdy ropes or straps that are made of polymer, formed into a Y shape. During the workout, you use your own body weight to increase your strength.

And how does this type of training affect the shaping of the buttocks? First, thanks to the ropes, you can perform deeper squats, because these accessories allow you to maintain balance and belay you.

Secondly, you can perform some exercises in which the muscles of the buttocks work more intensively. This is because if you perform a squat with a one-legged bend, your hips maintain a stable position because they have to overcome the force of gravity. Thanks to this, even the deep muscles of the buttocks are engaged, and their proper sculpting becomes easier.


Crossfit is a type of high-intensity training. It is based on strength, gymnastics and aerobic exercises. During training, short breaks are taken between exercises. It is also necessary to perform a warm-up beforehand so as not to risk injury. This training effectively builds all the muscles, so also those of the buttocks. The intense exercise causes the body to burn significantly more calories, making it even more effective than cardio

Circuit training

Circuit training is a combination of aerobic and strength training. It focuses on strengthening the muscles. During the workout, you perform exercises on different parts of your body using a skipping rope, dumbbells, or stepper. The stronger muscles you want to build, the heavier weights should be used.

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