What properties does a grapefruit have?

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Grapefruits are very popular citrus fruits that have many vitamins and minerals. They are characterized by their bitter taste and very fresh aroma. If you are thinking about going on a diet or just want to take care of your fitness and figure, you should definitely include them in your daily menu. In this article you will learn why it is worth eating them and how they affect our body.

Properties of grapefruit

The most well-known advantage of this fruit is the fact that it has slimming properties. Their extract can be found in diet supplements burning fat tissue. They speed up the metabolism and make it easier to burn fat. They are also recommended during detox, because thanks to them there are less harmful toxins in the body. The white inner peel – albedo – has a slightly laxative effect, so it is recommended for people who have problems with regular bowel movement.

Importantly, grapefruits have a low glycemic index – only 20 – and contain a small amount of simple sugars compared to other fruits. This means that they do not raise blood glucose levels and therefore can be eaten by diabetics and people on low-calorie diets. One serving contains only 40 kcal. In addition, thanks to fibre they significantly increase the feeling of satiety, therefore they are an ideal fruit for people on a diet.

These inconspicuous citrus fruits are very helpful for all people with diabetes, because they slow down the breakdown of sugar in the body and also increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin.

Properties of grapefruits:

  • lower blood sugar levels;
  • anti-cancer effects;
  • gives the feeling of satiety;
  • high content of beta-carotene, which has positive effects on skin and hair
  • fight free radicals;
  • when applied on skin, they accelerate wound healing and reduce inflammation in skin;
  • prevent atherosclerosis;
  • thanks to a high dose of phosphorus and calcium they have a positive effect on the bones, including teeth, and improve the functioning of the nervous system
  • are recommended for pregnant women due to the high content of folic acid; they also improve intestinal peristalsis and reduce such ailments as nausea;
  • flavonoids and vitamins contained in them support immunity and have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Grapefruits are recommended for people who care about slim figure and those who are still struggling for it. They can also be eaten in autumn and winter because thanks to high content of vitamin C and flavonoids they have positive influence on immunity system. They also help in better concentration, so they are recommended for all students and people working mentally. You can eat them as a snack, but grapefruit juice tastes just as good, which you can start drinking instead of tea or as an addition to mineral water.

Photo: наталья хоменко/Pexels

Grapefruit juice as a recipe for health

Daily drinking of a glass of grapefruit juice helps to get rid of constipation and improves condition of nervous system. It can also be used as a tonic – after squeezing juice from this fruit it is enough to strain it from seeds and pulp and pour into a bottle. Earlier it is worth diluting the obtained liquid with boiled water. Daily washing of the skin with such a concoction will make it brighter and free from impurities and irritation. You can store natural tonic with grapefruit juice in the refrigerator for several days.

Grapefruit as a low-calorie snack

If you are on a low-calorie diet, you can reach for this fruit without any fear. It contains only 40 kcal per 100 g, as well as 0.14 g of fat and 10.66 g of sugars – simple sugars constitute only 6.89 g. 1.6 g of fibre will keep you satisfied for a longer time and improve intestinal peristalsis.

Grapefruit and breastfeeding

This fruit has many valuable vitamins and minerals, therefore it is also recommended during breastfeeding. However, in some infants they may cause allergy. Before expanding your diet while breastfeeding your baby, it’s worth asking your lactation specialist for advice.

Photo: Rayia Soderberg/Unsplash

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