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After an active day all you dream about is a bit of peace and relaxation? Take part in workshops that will help not only regenerate your body but also achieve inner peace.

Classes will begin with “Yoga Face.” These will be special exercises that regenerate the skin, increase its firmness and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The program also includes exercises for a healthy spine with elements of yoga, which will help to relax the muscles, eliminate tension and stress accompanying you. During the exercises you will also be able to learn breathing techniques that will help oxygenate the body and strengthen lung function. The workshop will end with relaxation exercises that will ensure calm after a hard day.

The classes will be led by Sylwia Buczak – an instructor of relaxation, yoga and breathing techniques. She has trained her skills taking part in numerous workshops in Poland and India. She is also the organizer of numerous workshops at Life Change Foundation aimed at reducing stress and improving the quality of health and life

The workshop will start on 13 November at 18.00 on MAL Samogłoska‘s facebook profile.

The workshop is organized by the Bielany District Office in cooperation with the Bielany Cultural Center

Seven Seasons- attentive breathing technique

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