Why You Should Buy Squab Pigeon

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One of the most popular breeds of the pigeon, the squab pigeon, has been around for hundreds of years. This breed was first bred in France and the United States, but can now be found throughout Europe and North America. Despite their popularity, many people are unaware of what sets this type of pigeon apart from other breeds—and why they’re so great to have around. If you’re wondering whether you should buy squab pigeons, take a look at our guide below to see all the great things these birds offer!


Squab pigeon is a flavorful, healthy bird that’s perfect for those who are looking to branch out in the poultry world. It’s sustainable food and one of the most humanely raised animal products available. 

Squab pigeons are also a great alternative to chicken, turkey, and duck because they have less fat than their counterparts and they’re lower in cholesterol. Squaban also has more iron than other meats and it contains less sodium than other meats. 

A single 100-gram serving of squaban provides 130% of the recommended daily allowance of protein–perfect for those with specific dietary needs or who just want to watch what they eat. Even better? Squaban’s low-fat content means you can’t go wrong on your diet! 

If you’re still not convinced, here are three more reasons why you should buy squab: 

1) They’re an inexpensive meat option 

2) They taste amazing 

3) They contain high levels of omega-3s.


Squab pigeons are a fantastic source of protein. They are delicious and can be cooked in many different ways, so they’re perfect for vegetarians or meat lovers alike. They’re also relatively inexpensive to purchase, and you can find them at many local grocery stores and butcher shops. If you’re looking for an option that’s not too exotic, but still has great taste, try out squab pigeons! You’ll love the flavour. I’ve eaten this type of bird before and it tastes amazing. The texture is really similar to chicken, but it tastes better than chicken. 

And since it doesn’t have any fatty skin on the outside like other types of birds, there isn’t a big mess when cooking these guys. Plus, this kind of pigeon is healthy because there aren’t any added fats or oils when cooking with it either – just salt and pepper! So if you want something tasty with less fat than your average poultry dish, give squab pigeons a shot.


Squab pigeons are the baby, or squabs, of a homing pigeon. They are prized for their tender meat which is often compared to the finest veal. Because they are fed a diet of milk and grain, they do not need to be hung or aged like other birds and can be served fresh within hours of slaughtering. This makes them an excellent item to stock in any restaurant with an upscale menu. Squabs should not be prepared more than one day in advance because their meat will dry out from being exposed to air.

Cooking Tips

Squab pigeon is the meat of a young, fully-feathered domestic pigeon. It is typically roasted or braised. The meat is dark and tastes like wild game with more delicate flavor than other birds such as duck or pheasant. The bird can be purchased at your local grocery store, but it’s much cheaper to buy it in bulk from a butcher or hunter. 

Squab pigeon can be prepared in many different ways, but for beginners I recommend pan-roasting the bird with butter and herbs. To get started, preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and get out a small frying pan and two tablespoons of butter (or olive oil). Rub the butter all over the squab until it’s evenly coated.

main photo: unsplash.com/Daniel Hooper

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