Phone addiction – 5 symptoms that may indicate an addiction

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A cell phone is nowadays a device that we rarely part with. Thanks to its advanced features it is used for studying, working, entertainment and communicating with others. Such advanced options are, on the one hand, a huge convenience, but on the other hand, they pose a serious threat to people who get addicted to the virtual world. Therefore, it is worth knowing the symptoms that may indicate an addiction to the phone and take appropriate action in time. What to look out for? Check.

1. Phone always at hand

This is a symptom that is hard to detect, because nowadays practically every person has a phone with them. However, there are situations when a smartphone proves to be completely unnecessary, and where people who may have an addiction problem will definitely want to have it with them. If you are a smartphone user, you will not want to take your phone with you when you go out to the woods, go for a walk with a friend, or take a bath. A person with an addiction, on the other hand, will probably need the presence of the device everywhere, even while moving between rooms in the house, where you can enjoy unlimited access to the web. For more information about landline internet and carrier offers, visit

2. Constantly checking for new notifications

You use your phone to communicate with others, for work or study, and as a source of information. However, it is important to use it responsibly. A symptom of phone addiction, however, is excessive and uncontrolled checking of notifications and constant refreshing of applications or social networks to provide new stimuli. Failure to satisfy the urge may result in nervousness and chaotic shuffling between apps, or even anxiety accompanying the realization that one may not read a new message right away or keep up with the latest events. This behavior should be cause for concern.

3. Not having a phone and feeling anxious and stressed

There will be times in anyone’s life when they are not using their phone for a long period of time or don’t even have it with them. For an addicted person, these circumstances will be very challenging. If someone is actually struggling with a phone addiction, one of the symptoms is the very fear of parting with the device. When this happens, the person struggling with the addiction tends to develop an unpleasant sense of anxiety. Negative emotions increase – such a person may also be nervous, distracted, and in more advanced stages of the disease even aggressive.

4. Limited direct contact with loved ones and friends

One of the characteristic symptoms is also a significant limitation of direct contacts with friends or a significant deterioration of family relations. The person struggling with the addiction very often resigns from social activities or limits them to the necessary minimum in order to have even more time for virtual activities. As the problem develops, the addict will feel stronger and stronger need to spend more and more time with the phone, because the previous “dose” will start to seem insufficient.

5. Neglecting duties

Phone addiction also leads to neglect of responsibilities, as the person struggling with the addiction is unable to plan his day and has problems with organization. Their main focus is on their phone. All other things fall by the wayside – even rest. Many addicts resign from a proper dose of sleep and spend the “gained” hours in the Internet. For more interesting articles on the latest technologies, visit

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