Personalized gift ideas for friends

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Getting to the bottom of it and finding the right gift for your best friend can be an ordeal. But with your friendship spanning almost decades, you can have a clear picture of their dislikes and preferences. This is where personalized gifts take the upper hand. After all, your best friend’s birthday gifts should be unique yet thoughtful. It should be something that even they did not expect.


No one likes it when your coworker steals your favorite mug, but it’s especially awkward when that person is also your spouse, who you’ve been locked in with since March. Help your favorite couple-friends avoid arguments by gifting them a personalized mug with their own original design or theme.


Whether your loved one is addicted to YouTube makeup tutorials or simply needs a place to store makeup supplies, a high-quality makeup bag is ideal for storing individual utensils. Moreover, the product can be further personalized by adding an imprint.


This is the one gift that is loved and desired by everyone and can never go wrong. But since it is your best friend’s birthday, plan something new to the whole idea of a personalized chocolate gift. You can combine it with a photo collage or instead get a personalized birthday gift box – consisting of chocolates, with the name and photo printed on the box to add a touch of charm.

DYI birthday cards

This is where your artistic talent comes in handy as you sit down to create a DIY greeting card for your best friend. You can choose any theme or something your friend loves and use that to create the artwork on the card. Decorate it with glitter, cutouts and ribbons to bring back childhood memories. Although a bit cliché, but DIY items like these are one of the best gifts for your best friend’s birthday.

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An unusual gift

Time is one of the exclusive gifts you can give to your best friend. Sometimes being present in the flesh can be limiting, so we choose gifts that are more of a physical manifestation of our love. It doesn’t matter, but having a personal presence and spending time with your best friend is one of those gifts that no other material item can outweigh. Meeting one-on-one with your soulmate positively tops the list of personalized birthday gift ideas for your best friend.


As they say, a picture says more than a thousand words, and a collection of photos displayed on a gallery wall with your best friend is proof of that. It could be events from a previous birthday, a trip, a night out or a get together with a bunch of friends from school and a myriad of other occasions. Each photo would then remind your friend of the love and friendship you both shared. So, to preserve the memories, frame them with personalized frames for a touch of fancy.


Whether your favorite couple likes wine, beer, or both, a personalized kulfi or glassware duo will be a lovely addition to their set. Both can be further personalized by adding initials, for example.


Think of it as the grown-up version of those colorful braided friendship bracelets you used to exchange at school: the delicate design, which comes in gold, rose gold or silver, for example, has a chic handmade bow and a nice quote to remind your friend that they are special to you.

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