Juices – an important part of your daily diet

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Don’t like fruits and vegetables and have trouble getting enough of them into your daily diet? Can’t bring yourself to eat “healthy snacks”? You don’t have to! Check out how you can introduce vitamins into your diet with a smile on your face.

Juice instead of celery

Never liked raw vegetables and not thrilled at the prospect of bell pepper fingers or zucchini chips? That’s okay, you’re not obligated to like everything. But if you’re conscious of your diet and want to do a better job of healthy habits, you’re definitely looking for ways to “sneak” fruits and vegetables into your diet. Juicing may be the solution. If you have a blender and some free time during the day, you can decide to prepare them yourself. Just pick a few vegetables or fruits that you have on hand, wash and blend – it really is that simple, and things you don’t like will quickly turn into juice or an appetizing smoothie

However, you may be running out of time and prefer to choose ready-made products. Take a look at MarketBio – where you will find healthy juices and many other products to complement your daily diet. Remember that juice is also a meal – it can replace a snack, is light and is a vitamin bomb for your body. Try it! Chances are it will be a perfect fit for you!

Juice Diet

If you’re around people promoting healthy food, you’ve definitely heard about juice-based diets. In fact, such a diet is juice detoxit is a diet designed to cleanse your body and promote healthy habits. However, you must remember that drastic dietary changes should be approached carefully and with proper preparation. Go on a juice diet for a few days if you feel that you need to cleanse your body and recover, but don’t forget to consume enough calories and water during this time. Remember that a juice made from vegetables will usually be lower in calories than one made from fruit. Take care not to consume fewer calories than your PPM, or basal metabolic rate, which you can easily calculate using online calculators.

Also, take the time to make sure that your juice diet provides you with all of the essential ingredients, and if any of them are missing – such as vitamin B12 or D3 – make sure to supplement them. Any diet should be well-balanced and healthy – so that it provides you with the results you want, but also does not pose a risk to your health. If you have any doubts, contact your doctor or nutritionist who can help you clear them up.

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