Michael B. Jordan the sexiest man in the world

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As every year, People magazine chose the world’s sexiest man of 2020. This time the award went to American actor Michael B. Jordan.

To justify their choice, the editors paid attention not only to the actor’s appearance, but also to his extraordinary talent and active work for the Black Lives Matter movement. In addition, it appreciated the fact that the star focuses on diversity in the production company he runs. the 33-year-old is currently one of the most popular actors of the young generation, with outstanding roles in such films as “Creed: Birth of a Legend” and “Black Panther”. In the race for the title of the sexiest man he defeated such stars as Chris Evans, Maluma and Paul Rudd. This makes him the third black man in a row to receive this title

It’s a cool feeling. You know, everyone was always joking around like: “Mike, this is the one thing you probably won’t get”

he joked in an interview with the magazine.

In the past, People magazine’s list has included Matt Damon, Mel Gibson, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham and John Legend, among others. What do you guys think of this year’s verdict?

Main photo: Gage Skidmore/Wikipedia Commons/CCBY-SA 2.0

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