In what situations might therapy be needed?

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Mental health is as important as physical health, which is often forgotten. In Poland, unfortunately, mental health is still not talked about and diseases related to it are strongly stigmatized. Fortunately times are changing, but raising public awareness about taking care of one’s mental state is still an important and necessary task. Therapy with a psychologist or psychotherapist is not just reserved for extreme cases of depression or eating disorders. Here are some situations in which therapy may be needed.

Coping with childhood traumas and healing the inner child

It is often heard that every adult has an inner child. It’s true, the “inner child” is a concept that in psychology describes emotional and cognitive patterns developed at an early age. If the “inner child” is sick and full of trauma, it affects very negatively the adult life of the person in whom such patterns have developed. Abnormalities in the emotional development of a child, and later an adult, can be created as a result of trauma, growing up in a violent environment, difficult experiences in childhood, such as lack of love or aggression from a parent. In therapy, under the guidance of a specialist, you can do the work that will lead to the breaking of harmful patterns and replicated patterns and finally break free from the burden of childhood trauma. It is worth noting here that parents do not have to torture their children with a belt or a cable in order to traumatize them and develop sick mechanisms in them. Mental abuse, lack of attention, favoring siblings, not showing affection and love are all actions that can seriously damage a child’s emotional development

Treatment of mental disorders

States of depression, anxiety, bipolar affective disorder, borderline and other disorders of mental nature are treated not only pharmacologically with a psychiatrist, but also with the help of psychotherapy. In the modern world, mental disorders, chronic or seasonal, are a very common issue. There is nothing to be ashamed of, many people in Poland suffer from it and it is treated just like any other disease. If you have a cough, a broken leg or pancreatitis, you go to the doctor and do not hide it out of shame. It is the same with depression, which is treated by a psychologist as teeth are treated at the dentist

Treatment of addictions

In Poland the problem of alcoholism and drug addiction has been very common for years. Alcohol is present at family parties, in homes, it is consumed even in the presence of children. Because of that the addiction is often noticed too late or the problem is underestimated. Once an addict decides to seek treatment, a certified addiction therapist can be extremely helpful. In addition to support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or any other organization for people struggling with the same problems, individual therapy is also very necessary. In addiction therapy, the patient can learn more about the mechanisms of addiction and understand what is happening to their body and mind and why

Taking care of yourself also means keeping your mind healthy and mentally well. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help and take care of your well-being and comfort in life

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