Proven ways to treat bags under the eyes

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Do you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and instead of a well-rested face you see a swollen and tired one? The problem of so-called bags under the eyes concerns many of us, it is a very troublesome imperfection, because we feel as if it adds years to our appearance. In this article you will find tips on how to deal with this defect to look more youthful and fresh.

Eliminate the causes – take care of a healthy lifestyle

Before you start with complicated treatments, start by looking at your lifestyle and how it affects your health. The most common cause, which is notorious fatigue and stress. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and reduce tension. Lack of sleep can cause pale and dull skin, which increases the visibility of dark tissues and blood vessels located just under the skin. Also, long hours at the computer can cause eye fatigue

Remember proper makeup removal practices. Leaving it on overnight or rubbing the eye area too hard with cotton pads makes the skin irritated and wrinkles can appear. So invest in a good quality makeup remover or micellar lotion. Allocate more time for this so you can do your makeup removal unhurriedly and thoroughly. Finally, consider applying a night-time moisturizer. This ritual will make your skin more supple

Also, remember to protect your eyes from the sun – wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen. Last but not least, find out what triggers your allergic reactions and dry eyes. On contact with allergic stimuli, the body releases histamines, which in addition to itching, redness and swelling, cause blood vessels to dilate and become more visible under the skin.

Remember to eat a proper diet

Take care of a proper diet as well; drink more water and eat green vegetables, limit your salt intake. Adequate amount of water in the body promotes better skin elasticity. Pay attention to stimulants. If possible, reduce or preferably eliminate smoking and alcohol consumption. Nicotine has a destructive effect on the natural phases of sleep, it also reduces the amount of collagen in our skin, which is so important that it helps to maintain firmness and elasticity. The same goes for alcohol – it belongs to the liquids that dehydrate the body, moreover, it introduces toxins into the body, which are then removed with difficulty. Moreover, both stimulants accelerate the skin aging process.

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Home methods for beautiful looks

After eliminating possible causes, it is good to take extra care of the eye area from time to time. Even in exceptional situations, when we have an important meeting and we get up not fully awake, it will be useful to know a few home tricks that will restore radiance and freshness. First, the use of herbs and specific plants that you find in your kitchen will come to your aid. Start with green tea, which you can freeze in the freezer. The cool compress will bring relief to a tired face, and the herbs inside will act as an anti-inflammatory and cause the vessels to shrink.

Chamomile combined with lavender and mallow will work in a similar way. Put the decoction in the fridge overnight and in the morning gently wash your face with it, then rinse with water. Women also enjoy the benefits of cucumber slices for quiet relaxation. In this case, you can use it interchangeably with tomato or potato slices. These plants are a natural remedy and will help to soothe and reduce swelling. You can also squeeze the juice from them and apply with cotton gauze

You should pay special attention to introducing foods such as pistachios, nuts, raspberries and fennel. They will allow the body to be more balanced and support the work of the kidneys. According to Eastern medicine, dark circles under the eyes are the result of nutritional imbalance, which leads to kidney failure. Foods rich in antioxidants that also work proactively towards maintaining healthy and supple skin are legumes, onions, parsley, blackberries and blueberries

Also, make sure to get antioxidant-rich vitamins E and C. You will find them in such products as: sprouts, seeds and cereal germs, fish, bran and oatmeal, spinach, peppers, broccoli, chard, asparagus, avocado, kale, carrots or raspberries.

Photo Ekaterina Bolovtsova/Pexels

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