How to keep the flame burning in a long-distance relationship

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Many relationships have to pass through the phase of a long distance relationship at a certain time. It could be for family, work, or any other given reason. When there is no escaping it, it is better to take it in the stride and ensure your relationship can grow even stronger.

Rather than a phenomenon, it is a test of patience and commitment. Not only is this phase mentally taxing, but it is also physically stressful. After all, you are away from your beloved for prolonged durations without any means of enjoying physical intimacy. The only mode of communication you use is a video call or a voice message. 

So, how to keep the flame burning in a long-distance relationship? Well, different people have different views, but surely you can use some help to navigate through this tricky phase and let your relationship emerge stronger and better. Here are some useful tips to guide you through his phase: – 

  1. Avoid excessive communication: – One mistake most couples make in a long-distance relationship is to overcompensate for the distance by constant messages and calls. This could be more of a nuisance. Here, you need to focus on quality rather than quantity. You need not remain in touch all around the day; sharing sweet messages or making a quick call a few times a day should suffice. It is about teasing at the right moment and in the right tonality. 
  1. See it as a phase: – Every relationship has to go through its shares of ups and downs. So, rather than being disheartened or taking the extreme step of breaking up, take this as a time away from each other. This is a small test that would help you both understand the different dimensions of your relationship. You need to believe that your relationship will emerge stronger and better after this phase.
  1. Get naughty: – This is extremely important to keep the flame of your love going strong. Whether you are away from each other you can still enjoy some intimate moments over video calls. But how do spice things up? Well, simply visit and select some interesting sex toys or gifts per your preferences. You can ship the items directly to your partner to surprise him/her and then have some raunchy experiences using these accessories over a video call. Make sure to take care of each other’s physical requirements during the entire call and talk dirty to further the temperature. Believe it, you will surely have a great time, and the next time you meet in person, the action between the sheets will certainly lead to better experiences. 
  1. Do things together: – In the modern era, you have all the technological tools at your disposal to enjoy different experiences together in a long-distance relationship. Just connect over a video call or facetime and enjoy walks in the park, indulge in shopping, share favorite foods, or watch movies together. This will not only help you connect but also make the relationship stronger. 
  1. Occasional visits: – Every relationship requires some effort, and a long-distance relationship requires it even more. Make a surprise visit to meet your partner in person whenever you get an opportunity. You can plan some trips together to spend quality time while catching up on all the events that have taken place in your lives. Spending holidays together is a no-brainer as it is when you are free from all the worries related to work or studies and can spend all the time together without any disturbances. You can also plan to spend time together during birthdays and anniversaries to make your partner feel special. 
  1. Share problems: – Shedding inhibitions is an important aspect of every relationship. You can not discuss everything with your friends or family and need the patient ear of your partner. So, whenever you face a tricky situation at work or school, you must open up with your partner and pour your heart out. Do not try to deal with everything by yourself as you must get all the support you need. Moreover, you must share everything with your partner as bottling-up up such feelings can negatively impact the relationship.
  1. Gift a pet: – This could be one of the best gifts you can give to your partner. Whether your partner prefers a dog, cat, bird, or any other pet, gifting a pet animal could turn the long-distance relationship into a positive experience. You both will have several interesting experiences to share about your pets and would connect on many different levels. The pet animal would not let your feel alone, and it would certainly remind you of the positive aspects of your partner. 

While it is not in your hands to avoid the situation of a long-distance relationship, it is surely up to you to turn it into a positive experience rather than marking it as the end of a beautiful experience. With the help of the suggestions shared above, you can certainly keep the fire of your relationship burning and emerge stronger than ever when this phase is over. Make the most of the technology and ensure a healthy long-distance relationship with your partner.

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