How do you end a relationship with a class?

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The end of a relationship is not something we look forward to, but a moment we would like to avoid. But how do you act when you know that the relationship cannot be saved? There is a belief that you should leave with style, and this also applies to women. How does a break-up work in practice?

First and foremost: keep calm

This is the basic principle that should guide you as your relationship breaks down. In an ideal world, a break-up would never happen and the relationship, which often starts off as a fairytale, should last until the end of time. However, life takes its course and not only do we have breakups, but they are often the last act in a long spectacle of negative emotions, blame and growing resentment.

It is better to plan everything than to shout in strong emotions

Calm is not easy – after all, we have sacrificed a piece of our lives to someone and now all this is to be crossed out. That’s why it’s sometimes a good idea to wait a few days, cut yourself off or even go somewhere to prepare the conversation with your current partner well.

Remember that you owe it to yourself to talk

A classy breakup is definitely not done via text, Facebook message or any other instant messenger. Also, a phone call is not a good option. Probably the only thing that could be worse is leaving without a word.

A well-arranged meeting

All forms of long-distance communication can serve as a prelude to a proper conversation. This should take place in the right circumstances. Both partners need time for the meeting. It should also take place in a secluded place where you can talk freely


The situation is easier when both parties decide to part. When the decision is made unilaterally, it is especially common for strong negative emotions to come into play. A classy breakup then requires a large dose of courtesy, even if your partner is far from polite.

Psych2Go – 5 Signs to Leave a Relationship

No to mudslinging

It’s been said that breaking up is almost synonymous with a fight – and that’s a very damaging belief. Instead of “trashing” the other person, treat them the way you would like to be treated.

Honesty is key

Being nice doesn’t mean you can’t tell the truth. If you are absolutely sure that nothing good will come out of the relationship, then it is not okay to say that you are ”not ready right now” or use other attempts to mask the real message.

Avoid excuses and clichés

It’s a bad idea to use excuses and clichés like “you deserve better” or “you’ll find someone fast”. It’s also not right to take the blame if the reality is different. When breaking up, give someone an honest answer about what went wrong in the relationship and what was missing.

Don’t attack

Even when talking about obstacles to the continuation of the relationship, you don’t have to push your partner to the wall with a torrent of angry arguments. It’s about saying what’s true in a kind way.

Be firm

Don’t give in even if you are being reproached or emotionally blackmailed from the other side. If there is certainty that it is over, nothing can prevent that conviction.

Giving false hope is wrong

It leads the rejected person to live with the hopes of the past, instead of accepting the situation and moving on. Wanting to keep them in that mindset is also a form of cowardice on our part. Also, don’t prolong, but be open and clear about your attitude.

Plans for the future

What happens after a breakup? Well, life goes on. It is normal to feel sadness and a sense of loss. In time, relief and peace will take their place.

A proposal of friendship

If two people had a beautiful relationship for a while, but it ended, there will be no chance of returning to love. However, there may be a chance to maintain a good relationship on another level. So it is a good idea to propose friendship

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