Loneliness in a relationship – what can it result from and how to deal with it?

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Many people assume that it is impossible to feel lonely while being in a relationship. However, the experience of various couples shows that such a feeling can appear even with a close person by your side. Why does this happen and what can be done about it?

Feeling lonely in a relationship – why?

It is very common for people in a long-term relationship to feel a lack of interest from their partner. With so many things to do and so many responsibilities to take care of, life as a couple becomes more and more limited to the everyday things. Spending time together and building a sense of closeness is then relegated to the background. As they gradually drift apart, communication between partners becomes more about mundane things like “What’s for dinner tonight?” or “Who’s doing the laundry?” and long nightly conversations about their needs, expectations and dreams give way to the mundane. And even though your loved one is physically next to you, it becomes less and less likely that you will feel support and understanding from them

After some time there comes a point when partners realize that they don’t really know much about each other and don’t pay as much attention as they would like. Loneliness is also often experienced by those couples who are living in a long distance relationship. And while it may seem that instant messaging keeps us in touch, for some people it may not be enough to build a strong relationship based on trust and deep emotional connection. Women in such situations usually feel a greater need for closeness and lack someone to support them in difficult moments

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How to cope with loneliness in a relationship?

First of all, it is worth asking yourself what could be the reason for such state of affairs. An honest conversation with your partner about your feelings may be helpful in this case. Every relationship needs systematic work and commitment. Think about what you used to enjoy most and try to plan activities together that will strengthen your relationship. For some it may be a few days away from everyday life, for others it may be a romantic walk in the moonlight. The important thing is that this is something that will bring you back together emotionally and psychologically

Loneliness in a relationship and indifference from your partner can often be the cause of lower self-esteem and lack of confidence. Not insignificantly, many male-female relationship experts emphasize that feelings of happiness and fulfillment in a relationship also largely depend on how we view and relate to ourselves. So try to love who you are, appreciate your inner strength and femininity. Think about what is really important for you in a relationship and speak openly about your needs to your partner. Honest communication is the key to mutual understanding and ultimately the future of your relationship.

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