How to adjust eyebrows? Step by step styling

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Adjusting your eyebrows doesn’t have to be difficult. You only need to know a few rules to enjoy a beautiful eye frame and save money. In this article we will explain exactly how to do it correctly.

How to adjust eyebrows?

You should start adjusting your eyebrows by carefully defining their border. This will help you know which hairs to leave in and which to remove. It is very helpful to draw lines with a thread soaked in paint. You can find such a product in cosmetic stores or beauty supply stores.

  1. Draw a vertical line that goes across the center of your forehead and the tip of your nose.
  2. The second line must be horizontal. Mark it where the lowest point of the eyebrows is at their base.
  3. Another line, this time vertical, is to run through the highest lines on the sides of the nose.
  4. Also use a thread to draw two vertical lines from the inner corners of your eyes to your eyebrows, making sure they both reach just above your eyebrows.
  5. Finally, draw diagonal lines at the crease of the eyebrows.
  6. All of the above lines should define and surround the brows so that you can give them a natural shape.
  7. The brows at the base should end where the inside of the eye begins. The crease, on the other hand, create about ⅔ the length of your eyebrows. Then they will look natural. Also, try to mark a spot above the eye where the eyebrows will crease and narrow. To look well groomed, they should not cross the contour of your eye.
  8. You can make it easier to pluck by marking the hairs you want to leave with a dark eyebrow pencil or henna. If you’re worried about your eyebrows looking grotesque, don’t remove them with wax. Only professional stylists use hair removal patches to remove unwanted hairs. If you are inexperienced, it is better to choose tweezers, which will precisely remove only individual hairs.
  9. When removing hairs, remember not to pull them out too hard at the root. Focus on giving your eyebrows a natural shape and a gentle arch. This will make your eyebrow styling look natural.
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What eyebrow shape should I choose to match my face?

Not long ago, quite thin eyebrows with a sharply defined arch were very fashionable. Nowadays, eyebrow styling should emphasize the frame of our eyes and be adapted to the shape of our face.

If you have a chubby face it is advisable to create a slightly sharper arch, which will give your face more prominent features. Ladies with strong features and a square jaw, on the other hand, should choose a more gentle shape.

So remember to:

  • leave a gentle and light contour of the eyebrows when you have strong and well visible facial features;
  • do not be afraid of thickness – slightly thicker eyebrows nicely emphasize the natural beauty and make the eye makeup more visible;
  • carefully remove all hairs that “enter” the eyelid or are between the eyebrows;
  • do not leave the eyebrows too flat, as they give a sad look to the face; make a small arch ⅔ of the length of the eyebrows, making the face look happy and fresh;
  • do not leave too wide a gap between the eyebrows – it can optically widen the nose; it is good to leave the hair at the root on the same line as the corners of the eyes;
  • only pull out individual hairs – especially if you’re inexperienced with eyebrow geometry – and use a pencil to mark the shape of the eyebrows you want to achieve.

Styling your eyebrows correctly should accentuate them nicely and make your face appear more proportionate. After a while you can let yourself be depilated with hot wax, but it is a good idea to protect the remaining hair beforehand. You can do this with a special cream. The initial styling of the eyebrows should be done with precise tweezers. While plucking the hairs, comb the eyebrows with a special brush to make sure they have the right shape and look. You will also avoid plucking the hairs that should remain to make the eyebrow arch full and shaped.

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