How to take care of dry skin?

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If you have dry skin, you certainly know how difficult it is to take care of. Fortunately, with the right skin care, you can enjoy smooth, hydrated skin all year round. Check out our tips to effectively deal with dryness

Dry skin – characteristics

Firstly, let’s talk about what exactly defines dry skin. You’ll recognise it mainly by its dull texture and rough surface, which is usually linked to insufficient sebum production. This mixture of lipid substances has the task of moisturizing the skin and protecting it against temperature changes

Dry skin is prone to irritation and burning, and it ages faster. That is why proper skin care and avoiding factors that have a negative impact on it are so important.

Diet and lifestyle

The first things a person with dry skin should pay attention to are diet and lifestyle. Proper hydration along with eating foods rich in vitamin C (which increases collagen production) and B (which aids in the moisturizing process) help improve the condition of the skin.

Moreover, you should protect yourself from sudden temperature changes and direct contact with heat and cold. For this purpose, there are both cosmetics and properly selected clothing. It is also worth avoiding being in close proximity to air conditioning, and during the heating period, ceramic air humidifiers should be installed on radiators or a specially designed device should be purchased for this purpose

Appropriate cosmetics

Cosmetics for dry skin should not contain alcohol – it has drying properties and causes irritation. Mechanical scrubs do not work as well. The most important task in the case of dry skin is of course its proper hydration and nourishment, so it is worth bet on cosmetics containing aloe vera, vegetable oils, emollients, hyaluronic acid and uricides

A proper skincare routine is therefore as follows:

  1. Makeup removal: use micellar lotions and lotions for dry skin (without soap in the composition), and when you want to dry the skin – do not rub it hard with a towel
  2. Exfoliation: If you have sensitive skin, use only an enzymatic exfoliator that does not contain coarse abrasive particles
  3. Cleansing and toning: Gentle oil-based gels work best to remove impurities. A toner should contain plant extracts and oils, rose water or aloe vera.
  4. Nourishing: Take care to use a mask with substances that deeply penetrate the skin and simultaneously moisturize and nourish it. Clay, avocado, honey, coenzyme Q10 – these ingredients will be suitable
  5. Moisturizing: cream for dry skin should be moisturizing and at the same time soothing, based on emollients, ceramides and oils
  6. Moisturizing: if you feel that your skin needs extra oiling, reach for linseed or coconut oil.

Remember to take care of your skin every day, not only when you feel an unpleasant burning or itching sensation. That way, your face will always be shiny, fresh and pleasant to the touch.

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