How do I treat my low-pored hair?

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Every hair type needs individual care just like every skin type. In this case, porosity plays an important role. How do we define porosity and how do we care for our hair?

The hair is covered with scales, made up of cysteine and fatty acids, which protect the hair. The degree to which the cuticles are open indicates porosity and is largely hereditary – we are born with a certain hair type. However, genes are not the only determinant. Porosity is influenced by how we treat our hair. It is influenced by hair treatments, such as colouring, bleaching and perming, as well as by daily hair care, such as the use of hair dryers and flat irons.

Types of Hair by Porosity

Every hair is different and sometimes it is difficult to clearly classify hair into one of the categories. The basic division is as follows:

  • low-porous hair – most problem-free, with a nice texture and taffy appearance. The cuticles adhere very tightly to the hair cortex. Low-Perforated hair should not be treated with too much care as oils and conditioners can unnecessarily weigh it down;
  • medium-Rough Hair – is also sometimes called normal hair. This type of hair tends to be wavy. They are not as thick and do not form a straight sheet as low-porous hair. Oiling with olive oil, grape seed oil and almond oil works very well on this type of hair. This hair is easy to style and manage. It may frizz and tangle when combing;
  • highly porous hair – the most demanding hair type. This includes naturally curly hair and hair that is subjected to numerous hairdressing treatments. Bleaching, frequent straightening and other hair-drying treatments can change the porosity of hair to high. This is especially noticeable at the ends, which are often split and brittle. Shampoo for high-porosity hair should be gentle and moisturizing. It is necessary to use masks, conditioners and oils.
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How do I care for my low porous hair?

If you have low porosity hair, you are in luck. No special knowledge, no multi-step treatments and no special cosmetics are needed to take care of our hair. We should work according to the principle: The less the better.

Low-Perflected hair is relatively easy to weigh down. Due to its tight and closed cuticle structure, low-porous hair does not absorb cosmetics. Excess products like conditioners, oils and silks will make your hair look greasy and heavy. The only salvation is another shampoo. You should wash your low-porous hair every day with a mild shampoo. Once every 10 days you should cleanse it more thoroughly and use a stronger shampoo

Cosmetics for Low-Rubborn Hair

Low-Perflected hair is not very demanding. Just about any cosmetic product, which does not weigh it down, should do the trick. Avoid overloading shampoos with an oily consistency. Oiling, applying masks and conditioners, and using silk should be done in moderation. Use small amounts of product and focus more on protecting the ends. When applying conditioner or mask to long hair, start with an amount the size of a hazelnut.

Both plastic and natural bristle brushes are suitable for detangling hair with low porosity. The risk of breakage from a tangle teezer or fouling from a boar bristle brush is practically nonexistent.

Occasional straightening, curling, and even coloring should not damage low-porous hair. We can comb them wet and sleep in unbound without fear of damage. Their structure can harm only a very serious interference from the outside: a badly performed hairdressing procedure or mechanical damage

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