Plumping skin, or how to properly hydrate your skin?

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Healthy and luminous skin is something extremely desirable, considered a standard of beauty. Everyone strives to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible. You can’t achieve this with makeup, but with proper skin care and, above all, a high level of skin hydration.

Plumping skin – what does this term mean?

It is an English term used to describe resilient, firm, wrinkle-free skin. The whole face is perfectly toned, the skin is not sagging, no signs of aging are visible – simply a young and healthy complexion. If you want to enjoy this kind of skin, you need to take care of it properly – not only external measures, but also nourishing the epidermis from within

The level of hydration is not without significance

It is important to remember that our body is made up of about 70% water and that is why it is so important. The level of hydration affects the way we feel, but also our appearance

When there is not enough water in the body, it starts to swell, this is especially visible on the face. Water is responsible for the elasticity of our skin, it is the main building block of cells, and dehydrated skin is gray, dull and looks tired. This is why you need to remember to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day, and you should increase this amount if the temperature is high or if you engage in physical activity.

Drinking water is one thing, hydrating your skin with skin care products is another important issue. Cosmetics that are designed to hydrate and moisturize will work well for any skin type, especially for people struggling with acne, who often mistakenly believe that problematic skin should be dried out

What are hydrating cosmetics and how to use them?

Products, which are supposed to hydrate our skin, consist of strictly defined substances. One of the basic ingredients of hydrating cosmetics is hyaluronic acid, which has hygroscopic properties – it binds water, making the skin firm and smooth.

What is more, hydrating products are often rich in natural ingredients, such as herbs, which store water in our skin. You should look into cosmetics that contain saffron, aloe vera, turmeric, urea, collagen or lactic acid

Hydrating cosmetics can take the form of serums, hydrolats, creams, toners or masks. They are usually extremely gentle, have a light, refreshing texture and are quickly absorbed into the epidermis. Some of them are literally like water!

Be aware that hydrating and moisturizing cosmetics are not exactly the same thing, although there are products that have a 2-in-1 effect. If a cream or other cosmetic is only hydrating, then it should be supplemented with a layer of moisturizer, which will not allow water to evaporate from the epidermis. To sum up – first hydrate, then moisturize.

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