Who Likes Layered Hair and How to Style It?

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Layering is a haircutting technique in which each layer of hair is a different length. This creates the effect of volume and lightness. What type of hair is best suited for layered cuts?

Layering is a timeless way of cutting hair. It works for different lengths and hair types. A well-crafted haircut accentuates strengths and covers up minor flaws. What are the hair types, which should be considered for a layered cut?

A Cut for Curly Hair

Layering cuts on curly hair bring out the curls and create a tumbling curl from the top of the head. Very often, curly hair is limp at the roots. Cutting curly hair to the same length can look drab and heavy. Well-placed layering provides the answer. This technique gives your hair volume and lightness. The curls can be styled throughout the entire length of your hair.

Layering brings out the curl in your hair. However, it must be done professionally so as not to achieve the effect of thin and limp hair. A professional hair stylist, who specializes in curly and wavy hair, will help us choose the right layered cut. This cut will not only make your hair curlier but also less tangled. This makes it much easier to untangle the hair.

The Right Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Fine layering is ideal for thin hair. This cut gives the appearance of more volume and thickening. However, thin hair needs to be styled in moderation. Excessive fraying and thinning can have the opposite effect. The hair will look even thinner, damaged and ragged.

Thinning Out Thick and Long Hair

Layering is a hairstyle idea for those with long hair as well as those with thick hair. Long hair, thanks to layering, will be nicely arranged along its length and close to the face. Gathered into a ponytail, it also gives the impression of more volume. The layered long hair allows the hair to be styled in many different ways: with the bangs open or with the top part of the hair pinned up and the hair underneath open. For those with thick hair, layering is a way to lighten the weight of the hair. This is ideal for summer, for example, when you want lightness and airiness on hot days

Photo: Masha Raymers/Pexels

How do I style layered hair?

Layered hair has the advantage that it does not require special styling. As long as the hair is cut well and suitable for its type, layering solves the styling problem.

Layered hair can be straightened, curled or bent slightly. Any styling method will do. Curly hair should be blow-dried upside down using a diffuser or by gently kneading the hair. Thin hair should be styled with a round brush. This will lift the hair from the roots and give it more volume.

The styling aids for layered hair include volumizing, curling or smoothing agents. It all depends on how you want to achieve the desired look. Before using a curling iron or straightening iron you should protect your hair with a product designed to protect your hair from heat. Otherwise, you risk damaging your hair.

Who Won’t Like Layered Hair?

Layered hair is relatively difficult to style. Due to the different lengths and fraying the hair holds up poorly when tied up with an elastic or braided. This hair style requires a lot of extra gadgets like bobby pins, hair slides, and headbands. Especially short hair owners need to take this into account. However, layering does not cause any problems for long hair.

Layering is also not suitable for women with very weak and dry hair. Hair damaged by colouring, bleaching, dry and extremely thin hair will look even worse after layering. In this case, it is better to bet on a straight cut and intensive hair regeneration.

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