Bridal nails – the most beautiful inspirations

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The approaching wedding date is a time when there is an accumulation of lots of tasks to be done for both the brides and grooms. The last week before the wedding date is extremely intense, especially for the bride

In addition to the duties associated with the organization of the wedding, the bride must still take care of herself, and has to implement a lot of care activities to restore glow to the skin, hair and of course nails. Just before the wedding, a hairdresser and a manicure await

Wedding nails 2021

If you dream of beautiful, long and well-groomed nails on the wedding day, the activities related to their care must be planned well in advance. If your nails are naturally strong, do not break and you have brought them to the optimal length, your manicurist will have an easy task, and you will not spend long hours in the salon. However, if on this special occasion you want to have beautiful nails, but the only way to do it is to apply hybrid varnish or gel nails, it is worth planning at least one cycle before. This will help you get used to their presence and focus solely on planning their appearance

Wedding nails require careful and planned care. The final touch is given by your manicurist, but their appearance during the wedding ceremony depends on your conception. It is worth to have a look at the latest trends in bridal nail design and duplicate them or, on the contrary, bet on your own original idea

Bridal French Nails

French manicure is a classic of its kind. It is a style that will always work, regardless of the shade of dress, its length or choice of details. As a wedding manicure french looks extremely clean, delicate, minimalist. If you rarely paint your nails, and even less often choose intense colors, not to mention decorations, french is the perfect choice for the wedding. It will not absorb your attention, and perfectly matched to the shade of your dress will blend with it and give your styling that unusual elegance, which some call elusive

French has earned its color opposite as inverted french. Additionally, this delicate hairstyle can be completed with, for example, a tiny pearl or zirconia. If not french, then close to this hairstyle is the white pearl color. Although the trend goes back many years, it is still very appealing. The perfect shade of pearl white combined with the white fabric of the dress creates an impression of extraordinary purity

Another example of delicate nail design is baby boomer wedding nails. It presents itself on the nails a little like fuzzy French or bleached ombre. It is also a proposal for women who prefer bright and delicate colors on this day, referring to the white color, prevailing on this day in every element of the bride’s appearance.

Bridal nails – lace

Lace on nails is one of the favorite styles of brides. Especially when the wedding dress is also made or decorated with lace. Nails with delicate lace look extremely subtle, emphasize the bride’s delicacy and uniqueness of the occasion. Lace does not have to appear on every finger, the shade of the base is also important. The ornament may strongly contrast, then it is better when it is less or perfectly blends in, then you can allow yourself more. As a base you can use for example French, and lace additionally decorated with small pearls

Wedding nails with gold

Gold is a unique color, perfectly matching with the solemn aura of the wedding. Gold on nails refers to a gold wedding ring, but looks most interesting when it is just an accent of the style, a small detail, visible, but not imposing its character. You can afford more by choosing silver as an accent. Its metallic glow adds glamour and pearliness to a feminine style

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