Nails for summer – what’s king this season?

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The beginning of summer and with it a change of closet, vacation and more relaxed. It is time for more daring nails. What trends are in force this summer?

Pandemic and lockdown time have changed our beauty habits. Some of us have given up on makeup and nail styling. We sit at home, work remotely – so what’s the point? Fortunately, the summer months are already at the doorstep. The loosening of restrictions is clearly on the horizon. We will again be able to enjoy pubs and holiday getaways. What nails will be fashionable this summer? We checked!

Classic French with a modern twist!

French manicure, or so-called french does not go out of fashion. It is classic and elegant, timeless, and suits every nail shape. This year nail stylists offer us a gentle break from convention. Neon french is trendy!

Neon French manicure is a definite departure from subdued colors and safe ruddy shades. Juicy, vivid, and even bright colors are the basis! Neon French manicure assumes painting nail plate with neutral or slightly subdued color. The “wow” effect is achieved by painting the tip of the nail with expressive polish. The part, which is painted white in traditional french.

The colors of the plate and the tip of the nail can have their base in one color range. We can also create contrasting combinations. It all depends on our imagination and courage to experiment with colors. By using this technique we will have beautiful nails for the summer!

Classic colors always stand up for themselves

A safe classic in nail design is red. Red nails for summer do not have to be associated with Christmas. Deep, bloody red combined with gold or silver may bring such associations. Fortunately, the palette of shades of red is very large.

In summer we can bet on neon red, red falling into pink or orange. Such colors go very well with tanned skin. This is a safe, somewhat conservative, and at the same time very effective solution. Such shades of red nail polish are suitable for work, as well as for the beach.

Ideal nails for summer are also those classically white. White emphasizes the tan and goes nicely with bright clothes. It is one of the timeless trends in summer nail design.

Multi-colored madness

A nail trend that is back again is multi-colored nails. Multi-Colored Nails is made for people who want to break away from boredom. The main rule: each nail in a different color!

With this manicure you can let yourself go completely crazy. Each nail can have a different color. Hands do not have to be painted symmetrically. When it comes to the choice of colors, everything depends on our imagination. We can combine all the colors of the rainbow or remain in a group of colors derived from one hue.

Patterns on nails

Beautiful nails for summer 2021 are also those with patterns. Checkerboard and animal prints will be in fashion this summer. Animal-inspired spots, patches and stripes are an absolute hit. To find out what is in fashion, go to the zoo and get inspired by the furs of wild cats and African savannah animals. Checkerboards are a nod to geometric pattern lovers. When it comes to colors, you can bet on multicolored checks, as well as black and white version.

Glitters for magpies

Speaking of nail trends for the upcoming vacations, it is impossible to ignore the recently fashionable Velvet Nails. This manicure version is all about precise imitation of velvet structure. The result is very distinctive, shimmering nails. Velvet Nails contain glitter particles or a special powder with this name. This solution will delight the fans of glamour style and glitters. Velvet Nails are suitable for weddings as well as for vacations. Undoubtedly, this is one of the trends in manicure, which will stay with us for a long time.

Main Photo: Subbotina Anna/Adobe Stock

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