Salsation is a real hit! Get to know its advantages

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Salsation has become very popular and is a hit like zumba once was! How is it different from zumba or dance school? You will find it out in the article below.

Salsation – dance and rhythm

Salsation is a combination of zumba and dance classes. Zumba focuses more on rhythmic and repetitive choreographies. Salsation, on the other hand, focuses more on dance. It is a perfect combination of aerobics, rhythmical zumba and salsa. Sensual and very feminine exercises will not only make you lose weight but also teach you dance moves

Salsation is not only about dancing – it combines very intensive interval training with elements of salsa, flamenco and samba. During the classes it is important to feel the rhythm but also to be aware of your own body. All the above mentioned dance styles release the feminine energy and expression in us, therefore salsation classes will give us a lot of joy and will allow us to get to know our own emotions. The choreographies are easy to remember and allow you to express your own body. While performing them you will move your whole body, hips, hands and arms. This expression will not only make you feel good, but will also strengthen the muscles of your whole body

Although zumba is more focused on interval training due to the large number of jumps and fast rhythm of the exercises, salsation will also help you burn unwanted body fat. Many of the choreographies are based on moving your arms, hips and upper body, the movements are more sensual and fluid, which makes it easier to shape your figure.

What do you gain by taking a Salsa class?

These dance classes have a great influence on our whole organism – dancing has a relaxing effect, allows you to relax and to get to know your own emotions. The rhythmic choreographies develop our sense of musicality. You will also burn unwanted fat tissue in a pleasant way. During the classes you can burn up to 500 kcal, and at the same time strengthen all your muscles

What is most important, the classes are adjusted for people of different age groups, that is why even the beginners will quickly find the rhythm and intensity of exercises which will suit them.

During salsation classes you will learn different styles of Latin American dances. Salsa dancing classes can be a great way to get ready for an important party or a meeting with friends where you want to go wild on the dance floor. You will increase your self-esteem and learn rhythm, which will help you dance and move better. Classes will also allow you to find femininity and sex appeal, so important for every member of the fair sex

Who can take salsation classes?

Salsation is perfect both for those looking for relaxation and a way to combat excess weight and for more advanced fitness freaks who love movement and having fun. If you like dancing or want to learn rhythm and dance, these classes will be perfect for you! Importantly, the choreography is simple enough to repeat that you can bring the class into your own home on non-workout days. When looking for a calming dance class, be sure to check out salsation – they will be a great choice

Salsation allows you to bring out your positive energy. If you are feeling overwhelmed, tired or sad, this style of class will definitely give you the relaxation you desire. Salsation does not require a very good physical condition, so those who have asthma or cardiovascular problems can also benefit from it.

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