Beautiful complexion in a few days? Learn the 60 second rule!

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One minute is all you need to get beautiful, radiant skin. What is the 60-second rule and why should you introduce it into your daily rituals? Find out!

The hashtag #60secondsrule has been all over social media lately. This little rule in skin care has already become a habit for many women who appreciate its excellent effects on the skin. This rule is promoted by American cosmetologist Nayamka Roberts-Smith, according to which face washing should not take less than a minute. Why? Because only in such a time will we be sure that the makeup or all other skin impurities have been thoroughly removed, and the cleansing ingredients have reached every nook and cranny of the face. Besides, before we reach for our favorite gel or foam it is worth to wash our face with oil or micellar solution

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Why use it?

Followers of this method emphasize its beneficial effect on the skin, and according to them, the first effects are visible even after a week of using it. It perfectly eliminates all imperfections, the skin becomes radiant and its tone becomes more even. In addition, such a 60-second skin massage doxonally improves blood circulation and restores skin firmness. What do you think about this method?

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