Radical Hairstyle Changes: How to Avoid Mistakes

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If you decide to give your hair a makeover, be careful not to damage it too much. This is counterproductive. Here are some tips on how to avoid these common mistakes

Colouring Mistakes

Unfortunately, most mistakes are made when applying color at home, without proper knowledge and experience. The most important thing before coloring is to do an allergy test. It affects safety issues. This should be done at least 48 hours before applying the color. The same should be done if you decide to color with herbs such as henna or indigo. It is also a big mistake to mis-match the color to your beauty type. When radically changing your hairstyle, you should consider what hair will suit you best. This is also the case with a strong cut. It is advisable to match it to the shape of your face

With home coloring, you can still make a ton of mistakes. For this reason, it is often discouraged by hair stylists. The most common mistakes include inaccurate mixing of the hair dye, applying too much of it and not washing it properly. The most common are not mixing the color correctly, applying too much, and not washing it out properly. Remember not to apply dye to badly damaged strands. This will make the colour look even worse. In addition, the color does not last very long because it washes out quickly. If you have damaged ends, cut them off before colouring. Unfortunately, split ends cannot be saved with any cosmetics. Before colouring your hair it is best to take care of the condition of your hair with a complex hair care routine. Treatments such as oiling will help

Be especially careful with bleaching. This is not easy to do on your own. It is best to go to a professional hair salon for it. There they will choose the right technique, which will bring the least damage. You should avoid bleaching your hair by more than 3 levels. This can have a devastating effect on the condition of the hair. Such a treatment should not be done in just one visit if it is a drastic color change. It is good to lighten the strands gradually, while introducing appropriate care. This decision should be sensible and well thought out. A slightly safer way to go from dark to light color is sombre coloring or highlights

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Choosing a Good Hairdresser

A professional hairdresser will help you with your hairstyle choice. If you want a radical makeover but do not have an idea for it, visit a salon for advice. There are people there who know how to do it best. It is worth to go there not only with the cut, but also with the previously mentioned coloring or bleaching. It is good to choose a stylist and hairdresser who will take care of your image. If you need a quick change, choose a package, which includes washing, cutting, coloring, styling and makeup. Such offer has for example Furora Hairdressing Studio: https: //www.furorapracowniafryzur.pl/metamorfozy/.

If you are looking for a good hairdresser, be interested in reviews posted on the Internet. You can look for special rankings of salons in your city. Sometimes for a spectacular hairstyle it is worth going a little further. Appointments with professional hairdressers can be long, so book your appointment early

It is also a good idea to look for pictures of the hair stylist’s work. This way you can judge whether you like the final result. It is a good idea to find photos of big makeovers to see if you want to go for one. A proven method over the years is to ask friends or family to recommend a hair salon

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