Women’s blazer – fashionable styling ideas

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The blazer is a very classic accessory, not only for women’s suits, but also for casual outfits. It has long ceased to be associated only with office fashion. You can put it with jeans or shorts. Not sure what to wear with women’s jackets? Check out our suggestions!

Women’s blazers – the perfect accessory for every occasion

There is no women’s closet without a blazer. It is the way to create an elegant outfit with just one accessory. In urban fashion there is no such thing as an elegant or casual outfit

A women’s blazer wonderfully complements an office style, it is also extremely elegant with straight pants and jeans. Depending on its cut and color it can be combined with various outfits

Women’s long jacket – what to wear it with

Long blazers were very popular a few years ago and are back in style this season. The ladies’ long jacket looks particularly modern and classic with tailored pants. It is also suitable with a tight evening suit. It can successfully replace a spring coat or jacket. In spring and summer looks great with short shorts and mini skirts. This is a throwback to the fashion of the 80s, when a jacket was the length of a skirt. High waisted denim shorts, a simple T-shirt tucked behind the waist and a white blazer for women look extravagant, elegant and classic together.

A strong and fashionable accent – the checked women’s jacket

The check is still an extremely fashionable pattern that will continue to appear in the styles of various designers for a long time to come. Many young people are wary of checks because they don’t want to look too old. However, the pattern does not have to be old-fashioned, as the brand Blueberry reminds us every season. The women’s check blazer fits into autumn styles – wear it with dark brown or black pants. It is also a colourful accessory – with a little black blazer in an office outfit it looks very original and classic at the same time

The fashion must-have: the black blazer for women

The black blazer goes perfectly with elegant outfits as well as sporty ones. It completes an office look – perfect with classic office pants and pencil skirts. Choose single button model. Thanks to this it can be worn instead of a coat or jacket. In the most classic version a version with a collar can be worn. For more modern outfits and overalls with an open neckline a stand-up jacket will be suitable to emphasise the neck.

Ladies’ linen jacket – ideal for hot days

A ladies’ linen jacket is a must for summer. It will be a perfect substitute for a warm cardigan. It is very light and elegant at the same time. It will go well with shorts or also with linen pants as a summer and elegant set. Together with a short top and wide palazzo pants it will complete an evening look for a gourmet dinner, as well as a meeting with friends. Choose its slightly longer version and combine with a mini dress – such a look refers to the style of the 80s. Ladies’ linen jacket looks casual and urban – both in black and white.

Main photo: Polina Tankilevitch/pexels.com

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