How to get rid of complexes? We suggest!

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Complexes can make our lives very difficult. Many people have complexes that are bad for self-esteem. Additionally, they can make us think of ourselves as someone inferior. The treatment of complexes is not easy, but with a new attitude to ourselves we have the confidence to try as hard as possible to increase our self-esteem and look at ourselves in a different light.

How to change the attitude to yourself?

Complexes most often stem from low self-esteem. We see many flaws in our body, but also in our behavior or personality. We unconsciously try to emphasize these defects, which makes us feel even worse. Unfortunately, this leads to a vicious circle – the longer we think about our flaws, the less we focus on our advantages. Changing our attitude towards our personality and values is quite difficult, especially when many people in our lives have hurt us and damaged our self-esteem. So getting rid of complexes must come from within

The best way, is to look at ourselves not through the prism of others, but from our own point of view. Not many people have time for self-reflection in their everyday life. However, it is necessary to start thinking about yourself in a much better way. By stopping comparing ourselves, we will find that our qualities are not as bad as we thought. It is worthwhile to focus on the positives in our self-assessment, which will make us like ourselves. We are often told in childhood and later adulthood that we should be very modest. Hence, we develop a sense of inferiority and a problem with self-acceptance. We would rather withdraw than show our good side in order to present our strengths. If we recognize our own value, we will have the strength for self-reflection and will look at ourselves with favorable eyes. Then we will stop caring what others think of us and for sure our complexes will disappear.

Self-reflection as the key to self-acceptance

Self-reflection is very helpful in curing our own complexes and feelings of low value. It consists of looking at yourself, your achievements and ambitions through the prism of your own emotions and experiences. Separating ourselves for a moment from the opinions and opinions of others will make us discover many qualities in ourselves that we may not have realized before

Let’s try to answer the questions: who am I, what kind of person I am to others, what interesting things I do in life, what are my passions, how many things I can do every day? Such questions will allow us to evaluate ourselves also in terms of facts, and not just emotions that too often guide us. Complexes are emotional traumas that we carry within us for many reasons. They arise because of our negative experiences with other people. Because of this, we are unable to judge ourselves fairly. A momentary break from bad memories and emotions will definitely do us good. Self-reflection is a constructive way to build your own self without judging other people.

Coming to terms with one’s own faults

During the process of self-reflection, we will certainly find faults in ourselves that we would like to change. Remember, however, that everyone has flaws. What is important is our awareness and acceptance of them. An emotionally mature person will not focus only on his or her own faults, and if he or she finds them, he or she will want to work on them, but also accept their existence. It is also not good to focus only on one’s faults, because they can disturb one’s self-esteem. If we have negative habits, we can try to change them in order to become a better person

Often complexes also stem from a negative perception of our own body. If we don’t accept ourselves, we also find it hard to like our own body. Then compliments from other people also seem insincere to us. Let’s try to look at ourselves more favorably, emphasizing our own advantages. Focusing too much on the flaws in our appearance takes the joy out of life. Loving ourselves will make us more open, kinder and less tense. We will also take more care of our appearance and health to feel better in our bodies. It is also important to understand that the body is not the enemy and should be nurtured just like health or our positive habits.

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