Elegance in the office – trendy styling ideas

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An important business meeting, a job interview or a dinner with your employees are events that require suitable outfits. Check what styles you can wear to the office.

Classic jacket

Jacket is a timeless element of clothing, which is hard to deny class and versatility. Depending on the cut, it can take on a more casual or chic character. Dark oversize jacket with square shoulders perfectly improves the proportions of the figure, provided you mark the waist with a wide belt. Whereas an open jacket will go well with a classic white or cream collared shirt, suit pants and slippers. Safe color variants of a jacket are black and beige, but in spring it is worth to dare a model in an energetic color. Recently, cream and pink tweed jackets, inspired by the classic collections of Coco Chanel, have also enjoyed great popularity. Perfectly tailored elegant women’s set also does not go out of fashion – a well-chosen suit will be suitable for many occasions and will also correct figure imperfections

Elegant dress

Dresses are feminine and sensual, and at the same time allow you to quickly put together an outfit for work. In the spring season it will be perfect for ladies clothing xana. Beige submersion dress – combined with heeled shoes or moccasins – will come out elegant and comfortable to wear all day at work. Spring is the perfect time to introduce to your closet also delicate floral midi dresses. If you are going to wear a patterned dress to a meeting, make sure to match it with classic outerwear and minimalist accessories to keep the look cohesive

Fashionable shirt with pleated sleeves

A plain shirt will work well in situations where dress code is required. It is worth investing in a model made of high quality materials, which will perfectly fit your silhouette. A creased sleeve ecru shirt can be matched with elegant high-waisted pants, classic pencil skirt or airy maxi skirt. You can create many fashionable combinations with one piece – silk jabot shirt combined with jeans and flat pants will be perfect for a spring walk or shopping trip. You will find a wide selection of designer clothes for women at https://www.visciolafashion.com/.

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