How to contour your lips properly? Here are some useful tricks

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In such an important matter as makeup there is no room for error. Everything counts, from choosing the right cosmetics to applying it correctly. Today, let’s see how to properly contour your lips to bring out their best.

Choosing a lip liner

Before you learn lip contouring techniques, you need to know how to choose the right lip liner and match it to your lipstick or lipstick color. Rule number one is that your lip liner should be the color of your lipstick or a tone darker. A harmonious combination of colors will help you increase the volume of your lips. Lip glosses and lip balms are best paired with crayons in natural lip shades

The second issue is the features that a lip liner should have. To flawlessly outline your lip line, the crayon needs to be fairly hard. A tip that is too soft will make the lines uneven and smudge quickly. Also, don’t forget to close the lip liner with the cap, this will prevent it from drying out.

How to correct lip shape with a lip liner?

The advice of make-up artists and a well-chosen lipliner will help you to give your lips the shape of your dreams.

If your lips have drooping corners, choose a flesh-colored liner and line your lips just above the corners. For an asymmetrical shape, line a narrow lip slightly above its natural lip line and taper a thicker lip from the inside without reaching the lip’s edge. Some makeup artists say that you can only line the thinner lip – try both

If you have a blurred lip contour, you can correct it by brushing the crayon slightly inwards after you’ve finished outlining your lips. To make contouring easier, smile slightly. If you have narrow lips, brighten them with foundation and then contour just above the lip line. If you have wide lips, lighten up in the center. This will even out the proportion between the length and width of your lips.

How to optically enlarge your lips with a lip liner?

Your lips will look fuller if you follow a few simple rules. Use a light-coloured lipliner: flesh-coloured, coral or pale pink. If your lips are narrow, go for a white crayon

Now get to work! Lighten your lip contour with foundation and line your lips, starting at the cupid’s bow and the center of your lower lip. Blend the lines inward. Then apply a light shade of lipstick. You may also like to line the corners of your mouth with a white crayon. Remember that light highlights and dark hides them.

How to make lips look smaller with a lip liner?

Some women complain about too prominent lips. What can be done to optically shrink them? First, cover your lips with a liner and use a pencil to outline their contour, going one millimeter above the edge. Then apply lipstick as neatly as you can to your lips, making sure the lines don’t go all the way to the corners of your mouth. Remember that dark colors make your lips look smaller so avoid beige or light pink shades. Opt for bold reds and purples. Outline your lips with a crayon a tone darker than your lipstick.

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