3 lipsticks you must have in your makeup bag!

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Women have plenty of makeup gadgets in their makeup bags. They use a variety of colors depending on the season. However, there are 3 basic shades that will work for any occasion!

You can differentiate lipstick colors into those that are more safe, neutral, and those that add more definition to your makeup. It’s up to you what color you choose to complement your look. You can emphasize more the eye or the lips. There are many possibilities, but only a few classics of the species. Here are our suggestions for the must-have colors in every woman’s make-up bag!


A lipstick perfect for every day: for work, meetings, exams or a simple walk. It suits everyone and every skin type, and it’s impossible to go wrong in makeup creation. There are many colors in the nude palette, and each of them will perfectly complement your makeup. It also works great as a complement to strong makeup, for example, in combination with smokey eyes.


The second, proven and irreplaceable color is pink. It should be remembered, however, that pink is not the same as pink, so the shade should be chosen very carefully. It is a perfect match for everyday looks and for evening outfits. It can be intense and bright or matte and delicate. It all depends on the role of a lipstick in a given make-up. Pink lipstick also works well in wedding makeup, clearly emphasizing the white of the dress.


The biggest classic in a woman’s makeup bag. A must for every woman who wants to feel sexy and elegant. Little black dress and red, juicy lips is a timeless styling. Lipstick with an intense shade of red may not be the best choice for work or a business meeting. It is widely accepted that it is reserved for more private occasions. It works best with subtle eye makeup, as its bold color is enough for the look. Although red lipstick is the classiest of the choices, choosing the perfect shade is not easy. It is best to try it on your skin or ask a specialist to select it, and then the effect will be stunning!

Photo: Andriyko Podilnyk/Unsplash

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