Conditioner for eyelashes – which one to choose and how to use?

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Do you envy women who can boast of beautiful eyelashes? We’ll let you in on a secret: it’s usually the result of glued-on clumps, a good mascara or eyelash conditioner. Check out how to choose a good conditioner!

Eyelashes as thick as curtains

To help you choose an effective eyelash conditioner, it’s worth knowing that eyelashes only grow for the first 30 days. The growth phase is followed by the so-called stationary phase, when the eyelashes are fully developed and do not grow. After about 3-6 months the eyelashes fall out and new ones appear in their place. The task of eyelash conditioner is to extend the duration of these phases.

What to pay attention to when choosing a conditioner for eyelashes?

There are many products on the market whose producers claim to enhance natural eyelashes. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of many of them is highly questionable and behind their good sales stand crowds of marketers. So what to look for when choosing an eyelash conditioner? Below is a useful list:

  1. composition – nothing else could appear under number one. Check the list of all ingredients. Natural conditioners can work wonders, so go for it. Make sure there are no ingredients you are allergic to;
  2. choose the application method that suits you best. A brush or a brush? Choose a product with a convenient applicator; after all, we apply conditioner at least once a day;
  3. research and experts’ opinions – it is a good idea to look for reliable research results on the Internet. Not all advertised eyelash conditioners have proven effectiveness;
  4. price – for many of us this is an important criterion for choosing an eyelash conditioner. Especially since differences in the price of conditioners are really big. Price is not always a reflection of quality and sometimes it’s just not worth the money.

What ingredients should be in an eyelash conditioner?

It is a good idea to include eyebright extracts in the conditioner as they have a soothing effect. Also make sure the conditioner contains creatine, which is responsible for strengthening and rebuilding hair. Did you find a conditioner that also contains hyaluronic acid? Great! It will keep your lashes moisturized. Pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E make your lashes flexible and strong, so go for a conditioner that contains them.

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How long does an eyelash conditioner last?

Remember that an eyelash conditioner only works for as long as you apply it. The effect will not last if you stop using it. Eyelash conditioner is a cosmetic product, whose effectiveness depends largely on regular use. So, if you want a “wow” effect, you need to use it every day. The first effects will appear after 3-4 weeks of use.

How to use eyelash conditioner?

Eyelash conditioner should be applied to well cleansed and undamaged skin. Use the brush or brush provided to apply the conditioner

Do not apply too much conditioner. Moderation is a good idea – a large amount of eyelash conditioner can irritate the delicate skin around your eyes, or even your eyes themselves. Also remember to avoid contact with your eyes.

It’s best to apply eyelash conditioner before bedtime. This way you will avoid unintentionally rubbing it off from your eyes

Home eyelash conditioner

Did you know that natural eyelash conditioner is available at any pharmacy and costs a few zlotys? Unfortunately you have to wait a bit longer for the effects of its use than in the case of conditioners for eyelashes from the drugstore, but it is completely natural and in addition to accelerating hair growth it also makes them darker. We are talking about castor oil, which is extracted from castor seeds

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