When might psychological help be needed?

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Until recently, psychological help was something that we associated with serious cases, necessary drug therapy, or even hospitalization. As access to psychotherapy or psychiatry has become easier, our understanding of these terms has also broadened. The use of a psychologist has lost at least some of the bad reputation that accompanied it for years. Still, there are doubts. Surely this is reason enough to go to a psychologist? Am I not overreacting? The short answer to this question is always – yes. If you think you need help, it means you should get that help.

Psychologist or psychiatrist?

You should begin your experience with psychotherapy by understanding how a psychologist differs from a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is a doctor, it is up to him to diagnose your or your loved ones problems, to determine what disturbed brain processes are affecting the condition of the body. It is up to him to assign appropriate medications if needed. A psychiatrist rarely works without the help of a psychologist. It is the psychologist who will take care of the state of your well-being, help you understand the problems that lie deep within you, after all, it is with the psychologist that you will work towards no longer needing the help of either a psychologist or a psychiatrist. While not every situation requires psychiatric intervention, it is becoming more and more common to go to a psychologist to ease your daily functioning in society. Whether your problems are personality disorders, depression, or a difficult life situation, a psychologist can help you stabilize your situation and find peace.


You’ve surely heard of introversion many times before. The term has entered the colloquial language so much that many times we refer to ourselves as introverts or extroverts. Being introverted is not a bad thing – it’s worth emphasizing because introverted people, and especially introverted children, many times feel that they may somehow stand apart from a society that definitely portrays extroverted traits as desirable. However, what are the characteristics of introversion in practice? An introvert is a person who will have more trouble establishing relationships with other people. At first, she may keep her distance and have a hard time establishing relationships in a group. She takes longer to show her true personality and values getting to know the other person on a deeper level. They were children who were said to be shy, but as they grow up they still prefer to keep to the side of the group. The help of a psychologist will help them with the problems they face in everyday life, but it is not meant to turn them into extroverts. Being an introvert isn’t a bad thing, and learning to be one is just part of the therapy.

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As with introversion, it’s just as easy to talk about others having a problem with hypochondria. It is worth considering that it is a serious neurotic disorder that affects about 4-9% of the population. It significantly affects the comfort of a person’s life and can cause increased anxiety and can occur right alongside depression. A hypochondriac is a person who lives in a perpetual belief of having a somatic illness. It is persistent for him and drags on for a long period of time, significantly affects the comfort of daily functioning in society. The best results in the treatment of hypochondria are given by a combination of pharmacological treatment and psychotherapy, although due to the nature of this disease hypochondriacs often avoid visiting a psychiatrist.


According to the World Health Organization, depression is the fourth most common illness in the world. This is due to better diagnosis and greater public awareness. It is characterized by a prolonged lowering of mood, often accompanied by physical pain, appetite disorders and sleep disturbances. Treatment, although it can take several years, with regular visits to a psychologist and drug treatment is effective. Everyone needs different help, but each psychotherapist is able to help with an appropriate plan of action.

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