Do you have a feeling that your partner is cheating on you? Find out what the signs could be

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Are there faithful people in the world? If you think something is wrong in your relationship, check if sometimes he is cheating on you. In this article we tell you how you can tell if a man has another on the side.

He has started behaving differently

Changes in his behaviour could be anything: has he started communicating with you with less interest, does he seem distracted or conversely, has he started giving gifts and flowers more often than usual? Sudden expressions of concern that weren’t there even during your best times can also indicate infidelity: this is how a person who feels guilt and is trying to make amends can behave

The best defense is offense

Many people who cheat act according to this principle. They may observe you and accuse you of something. In addition, they may act aggressively for no reason or obsessively monitor your email or phone communications. In reality, the cheater is actually hiding their own guilt in this way. While you’re busy proving your loyalty to him, you won’t have the strength, time or opportunity to suspect him of infidelity

He is obsessed with his phone

Another warning sign is when a man pays too much attention to his smartphone, laptop and other gadgets. That is, he is overly vigilant and oversensitive about them. And when you pick up his phone or are at his computer, he almost becomes hysterical

Deleting correspondence and cleared history in the browser are also suspicious signs. The most sophisticated scammers can have a separate phone to talk to their lovers, while the most careless ones use their computer or laptop directly.

Increased correspondence activity should also give you reason to think. Even more so if your man has not used chat rooms so intensively before. In this case the first step is to ask him directly to whom he writes so much and so often. Any evasive or unclear answer is a reason for concern. It is already worth thinking about how to find out on your own who this mysterious interlocutor is. Or the caller.

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He gets lost in his statements

A man who cheats will get frustrated trying to cover up his misconduct. He will often start lying to you and getting lost in his statements, promises and plans. At first glance, it may be innocent forgetfulness, but if you’re noticing strange lies more and more often, it’s reason for you to start being cautious.

Stopped showing affection/interest

Physical intimacy is an important part of a relationship. Whether it’s hugs, kisses, or something else, it all makes the relationship stronger. However, if your boyfriend hasn’t taken the initiative or responded to your actions in a while, it could mean that something is wrong

The reason won’t necessarily be infidelity – there could be a huge number of reasons for giving up physical intimacy, including various psychological blocks – but unfortunately, infidelity is one option.

Being emotionally turned off

It goes without saying that it’s not just the physical aspect that’s important in a relationship, but the emotional aspect as well. If your boyfriend is not emotionally involved – he is constantly closed off, hardly listens to you, rarely starts a conversation on his own, although he used to be so talkative – this also indicates that something is wrong. This also may not be related to the betrayal, but it is still better to talk about the situation and find out why he has distanced himself so much.

His taste has changed

Your beloved has suddenly decided to become a vegetarian. Or he became a die-hard fan of Chinese food. Something is wrong here, especially if he wasn’t interested in culinary news before. Whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not, try to sample his new hobby and understand where it came from. This will help maintain closeness and unity.

He’s not happy with you

Constant reproach can signal that a man is comparing you to another – a new girl who now seems perfect to him. If he doesn’t like you that much, should you even be together?

There is practically no foolproof way to find out if someone is cheating on you. And even if you accidentally see a text message on your man’s smartphone screen that confirms your concerns, it’s important to understand what to do with that knowledge. After all, your relationship will never be the same again.

If a few of the signs on this list seem familiar to you, don’t panic. Maybe no infidelity has taken place and you’re just worried. Analyze all the signals carefully and think about what you need to improve to make the relationship better and lie-free

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