Crop top – how to wear it?

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Crop top is a very popular clothing item. It was worn in the 80s and 90s and is still popular, especially among young people

No wonder, because there are few clothes that emphasize the figure as well as the short blouse. How to wear this closet item to look stylish and fashionable?

What to wear with a crop top?

A crop top is a top that ends above your belly button. This length allows you to emphasize many assets of your figure. If you are short and want to lengthen your legs optically, this cut is perfect for you. It also emphasizes your waist, which is usually the narrowest part of your body

Crop tops may be tight or loose. The tight ones look best with a wide bottom. They are very popular with mom jeans, boyfriends and recently also with bell-bottoms. They go well with loose-fitting pants and pants with holes or patches.

It is important that the pants have a high waist, which will additionally emphasize your waist. As a decorative and functional element it is also worth choosing a stylish belt, which will be well visible thanks to the length of the blouse and will additionally draw attention to your waist

If you like minimalism, a black, white and beige strapless crop top will be the most versatile, as it goes with any style. You can also wear it with more elegant outfits, for example with a loose jacket. There are also more elegant styles, such as a silk blouse or corset, which you may easily wear to a dinner party.

Loose-fitting, short-sleeved crop tops are ideal for those who prefer looser styles. If the top has any patterns, it is better to go for minimalistic clothes. If the top is wide, go for slim-fit pants or narrow skirts. However, this is not a rule and it is worth experimenting with the choice of different elements – after all, creating styles should be fun.

Crop top not only for summer

Most people associate this item of clothing mainly with summer. However, it is so popular that clothing manufacturers decided to implement this cut also in their autumn and winter collections. Thanks to this, you can easily reach for a long-sleeved crop top in the colder months.

In the past, these were usually blouses, but nowadays you will also find many warm sweatshirts and sweaters in the form of crop tops. This is a perfect solution for those who value comfort and convenience, but also want to emphasize the assets of their figure, such as a narrow waist and long legs. However, in winter you should not give up on your summer crop tops. You may match them with warm, heavy cardigans, bedspreads or jeans jackets. This combination adds a unique character to your outfit. If you are overweight, do not be afraid of wearing short tops. If you feel good with an uncovered belly, it is absolutely not worth giving up this cut and hiding behind covered clothes.

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