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Being a combination of dance and aerial acrobatics, pole dance is very popular today. If fitness or gym workouts are boring for you, pole dancing can be a great workout option. This form of exercise combines sport and artistic expression, making it rewarding on many levels

What is pole dancing?

In Europe, this gymnastic discipline has been officially recognized as a sport. However, it is difficult to clearly classify this physical activity, which consists of performing aerial figures and acrobatics around a vertical metal tube. The sport incorporates dance and acrobatics that require a great deal of strength, flexibility, grace, coordination and expression. The pole dance pole is attached to the ceiling and floor and rotates around its own axis depending on the dancer’s thrust.

Origin of pole dancing

The first people to use a vertical pole (then made of wood) to perform acrobatics were 12th century monks from India! Pole dancing as we know it today, on the other hand, was born in Canada in the 1920s, when theaters went from city to city and staged plays in small tents supported by poles. Some dancers began using these poles for dancing. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s and 1980s that pole dancing became very popular, especially in Canada and the US, and then in England and Australia

Pole dancing is a great way to build strength and develop flexibility. Moreover, this sport also helps to strengthen artistic sensibility and self-confidence.

Is pole dance only for women?

The world of pole dance is gradually opening up to men, as more and more the sport is considered more like gymnastics than just dance, even though it often includes some transitional dance moves. Some men feel perfectly comfortable in this sport, especially gymnasts, dancers or acrobats. All pole dance schools welcome men!

What are the benefits of pole dance training?

If you decide to practice this sport, you can expect a quick silhouette sculpting. Pole dance will gradually change your body, working absolutely all your muscles.

Each class starts with a warm up, stretching and then training on the pole. In pole dance, all muscles are worked and the idea is to work the whole body, regardless of whether you are strengthening the upper part, abdomen or lower parts. Arms, shoulders, back, but also abdominal muscles and buttocks are constantly working during pole dance training. Strength and flexibility are necessary to perform even the most basic figures

Karo Swen – Pole Dance

A challenge full of interesting acrobatic figures

Pole dance is a fascinating sport because of the stunning spectacle it provides. The aerial figures performed on the pole make the whole workout challenging, fun and strengthening. People who practice pole dance usually don’t know themselves when they gain a muscular, athletic body. Performing beautiful figures is so all-consuming that learning the sport is very fun and rewarding, making it a great way to burn fat. Once you have acquired the technical basics, you can start having fun with artistic choreographies that combine dance with elaborate figures that require strength. It is easy to become addicted to this amazing sport!

What’s more, this discipline helps develop self-confidence. The acrobatic side of pole dancing forces you to face many fears – fears of falling and hitting yourself, as well as performing figures upside down. Once these fears are overcome, the sense of power and control is extremely rewarding, especially for shy and fearful people. Because pole dancing is not only a beautiful spectacle, but also a solid training, it is really a lot of fun. Learning more and more difficult figures is very addictive and encourages to be better and better


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