Jealousy of a partner – how to deal with it?

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Many women are very jealous of their partners. If you are one of them, check out these tips on how to fight jealousy.

Where does jealousy come from?

Jealousy is sometimes a good symptom because we know that we care about our partner. However, sometimes it turns into a destructive feeling that can turn our relationship into a nightmare. Jealousy has many factors, including:

Too low self-esteem

Many girls have low self-esteem, which makes them look for competitors around them who could take their beloved away from them. They feel less attractive than other girls, so they fear that their partner will find someone better.

Lack of trust

Lack of trust in a loved one can be rooted in our past traumas. A woman after transitions and betrayal from a former partner will trust her current beloved much less. Subconsciously she fears that her new beloved will fail her trust and betray her.

Toxic environment

Jealousy is often fueled by female friends who have had bad experiences with men themselves. Sometimes they may exaggerate the problem, which makes us distrust our partner. It is worth considering why we don’t trust and what is the reason. Maybe we are guided by bad experiences or the opinion of others. Jealousy usually appears at the beginning of a relationship, when you are not seeing your partner every day, but it is not a rule. Women who have been in a relationship for many years are also jealous.

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How to fight jealousy in ourselves?

We should trust our partner more. Understand his separateness and autonomy. Just because he is our partner in life doesn’t mean he has to spend every free moment with us. Let’s give him some respite and we will see the results. Each of us needs some time to ourselves

You should also think about why you do not trust your partner. Maybe we don’t talk to him enough, or we don’t know enough about him. Talk to your partner about your concerns. Don’t accuse him or her of cheating right away. Ask him how his day went and start a conversation about how he sees your relationship. If he opens up to us, we can be sure he is being honest with us. Only through conversation can you build trust in a relationship

Many women worry that if their partner doesn’t pick up the phone or doesn’t answer for a long time, it’s a sign that he’s up to something behind their back. Going minutes or hours without a phone call or text message doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cheating on the sexy secretary at the office. Think about how many times you haven’t texted back because, for example, you were working or driving in a car without a chance to stop at a parking lot. Forbearance and empathy are very important in a relationship. Thanks to it we will certainly find it easier to understand the other party and look at it from a different perspective.

Our self-esteem is crucial. If we feel safe with our partner and know that we please him both physically and intellectually, we will certainly not think about his possible infidelity. Confidence should be built in us by our beloved by complimenting us and noticing our efforts

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