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The sources of knowledge about fashion are not only portals and blogs, but also books. Whether you are a novice fashionista or a seasoned fashion expert, you will surely find something for yourself among these titles.

“Luxury. Why it lost its shine”, Dana Thomas

The book “Luxury. Why it lost its luster” is the result of the author’s many years of research into the luxury goods market. Thomas writes about luxury products and cheap counterfeits, the fate of traditional production methods and the business model called fast fashion. She takes us through the evolution of the luxury goods industry, showing us how prestigious fashion brands reduce quality in favor of profit.

You will learn from reading why luxury is losing value and becoming accessible to the masses. An item for lovers of fashion and… sensational novels.

“Dior and Me. Autobiography”, Christian Dior

From the very beginning, the author distinguishes between Christian Dior – a man and Dior – an outstanding tailor and designer. It is this distinction that makes his autobiography a thoroughly personal read.

Dior’s true and sincere story about his youth and discovering his vocation captivates with its simplicity, while the account of his journey as an authority in the world of fashion fascinates and inspires admiration. Travels, discoveries, the search for his own style, the history of the fashion house and numerous photographs from his family and personal album – all this opens up to the reader the amazing world of Christian Dior, which continues to inspire his followers, admirers and imitators to this day

“Parisian Chic Once More. A Manual of Style”, Inès de la Fressange, Sophie Gachet

Inès de la Fressange, the embodiment of French chic and elegance, shares the secret to true Parisian style. ‘To look like a Parisian, all you need to do is have seven things in your closet and skillfully complement them with accessories,’ says Inès, who has many years in the fashion industry behind her.

Along with chapters on beauty and closet, the book includes tips on where to look in Paris and on the Internet for clothes, decorations, cosmetics and all accessories. The new expanded edition of “Parisian Chic” has been enhanced with Inès’ drawings and excellent photographs.

“History of Fashion,” Fogg Marnie, Steele Valerie

Every self-respecting fashionista should know the history of fashion, so if you are lacking in this area, be sure to get this book. It will tell you how fashion trends have evolved from era to era.

An unquestionable advantage of the book is that it introduces the reader to the historical and cultural context, which allows to assess the influence of the era on the formation of fashion. With this read you become a direct participant in the birth of haute couture – from the emergence of the idea, to the focus on detail, to the runway clothes.

“Women who shook the fashion world”, Bertrand Meyer-Stabley

The author of the book – Bertrand Meyer-Stabley, writer and journalist associated with the magazine “Elle” – will introduce you to the history of the largest fashion houses founded by women. The reading is thus at the same time a story about legendary designers who changed our ideas about the role of women in the world.

The author has taken under the magnifying glass the biography of Rose Bertin – fashionista of Marie Antoinette, Jeanne Lanvin – founder of the oldest French fashion house, as well as Madeleine Vionnet, Coco Chanel, Sonia Rykiel and many others, presenting their life dramas and professional victories.

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